Comic Book Firsts: From Harley Quinn’s Debut to Lando’s Arrival on Key Comic Thursday

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of Key Comic Thursday Episode #15

Dive into the animated antics of Batman Adventures #12 from 1993, where Harley Quinn leaps from screen to page in her very first comic appearance. Gotham’s never been the same since this jester showed up with her hammer of humor and chaos. Strangers #1 from the same year, courtesy of Malibu Comics, where Night-Man makes his dark debut. Equipped with a saxophone and a supernatural suit, he’s the hero that jazz and justice both needed. Batman #659 (2007), where Gotham meets its grotesque match, Grotesk. The city’s rogue gallery wasn’t crowded enough, and what’s one more villain vying for the title of ‘most bizarre’? Silver Surfer #3 (1968) introduces Mephisto, adding a dash of diabolical dealings to the Marvel universe. Surfing wasn’t just about waves anymore; now it included dodging deals with devils. Star Wars #43 from 1981 marks the comic debut of Lando Calrissian and the second appearance of Boba Fett. What’s a galaxy far, far away without a charming gambler and a mysterious bounty hunter adding to the intrigue?

There you have it — another week packed with firsts and infamous seconds. Tune in next week for more Key Comic Thursday, where the pages turn and the legends grow. Until then, be good humans to each other.

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