Comic Book Holiday Covers!

Well another holiday season is upon us. The years seem to be flying by now…..

InvestComics loves a Holiday comic cover though! Below you will find 76 random holiday comic cover you can scroll through. Comics from the 1950’s to present day. Artist that you will find within this gallery are so imbeded into the minds of collectors alike only need to know their last names; Orway, Byrne, Bisley, Perez, Cho, and Adams to name a few. There are some beauties in here folks.

So you say to yourself, are any of these worth anything as far as collector value goes? Well holiday comics are prone to never really seeing a monetary gain. That said, one holiday comic that always seems to be a stand out is Samurai Santa #1. The iconic Jim Lee’s first published work (cover inks) would be found in some cases in the $1 bins! Yes now there is a holiday gift that is not costly, but a tresure. Now go to your comic shop and treat yourself.

Happy holiday’s everyone from InvestComics.

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