Comic Firsts: From Venom’s Epic Showdown to Black Lightning’s Debut

Welcome back to Key Comic Thursday, episode #16, where we crack open the vault to reveal the intriguing firsts and cover clashes that have kept comic fans on their toes.

Venom #32 from 2021 makes waves with the first Alien vs. Venom cover. Yes, you read that right. Marvel’s finally making fanboy dreams come true, with an interstellar smackdown that’s been in the rumor mill long enough to graduate high school. 1982 New Teen Titans #16, where something a bit lighter hops onto the scene. Enter Captain Carrot, because evidently, the DC universe was just one anthropomorphic rabbit away from complete. Legends #1 (1986) doesn’t just bring drama to the DC universe; it introduces Amanda Waller. That’s right, the Wall. The mastermind behind the Suicide Squad and the only bureaucrat capable of putting superheroes in timeout. That same year, Marvel Age #38 decided that Eternia needed a bit of Marvel magic, marking He-Man’s first appearance in the publisher’s lineup. Swords, sorcery, and spandex? Check. Black Lightning #1 from 1977, lighting up the scene with the electrifying first appearance of the title character. It’s also the first solo DC Comics African American series.  It was about time the superhero roster got a shock to the system.

So there you have it, folks — another round of comic book milestones that have shaped landscapes, launched legacies, and introduced a carrot-toting hero. Tune in next week for more surprises from the panel-filled past. Until then, be a good human.


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