Comic Firsts Unleashed: From Howard the Duck to Bat-Hulk on Key Comic Thursday

Welcome to episode #20 of InvestComics Key Comic Thursday! This week, we’re cracking open the comic vaults to explore some of the most, let’s say, “unique” first appearances in comic history. From a wise-quacking duck to a bizarre hybrid hero, this lineup is anything but ordinary.

Dive into Adventure Into Fear #19 from 1973, where Howard the Duck makes his grand entrance. Because what comic collection isn’t complete without a cigar-smoking duck from another world? Brave and the Bold #68 from 1966 introduces us to Bat-Hulk. That’s right, Batman and the Hulk somehow had a crossover that defies all logic and genetics, proving that comic book science has its own set of rules. Flash forward to 1976 with Ragman #1, where the world meets Rory Regan, the tatterdemalion of justice. It’s like if Robin Hood and a fabric store had a superhero baby. Stylishly ragged and dramatically underrated. In 1983, Starslayer #10 unleashed Grimjack into the universe. Grimjack took the whole “gritty antihero” thing to a new level, operating out of a bar because sometimes you need a stiff drink after dealing with multiverse problems. Tales Of Suspense #91 from 1967, featuring the first appearance of Crusher. A villain so tough, his main power is literally being as uncrushable as his name suggests.

There you have it—another round of comic firsts that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Tune in next week for more curious characters and landmark issues on InvestComics Key Comic Thursday.

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