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freakshow1_fpFantastic Four is not the only HOT comic to come out this week. Better look for the Ape Entertainment book too! More inside…..




FF3_deathFF1_1961_80000As many of you have heard by now, Marvel is making news again. This week Marvel kills off one of their characters that have been gracing the pages of their book for 50 years. A member of the Fantastic four will kick the preverbal bucket. With the release of the Fantastic Four # 587, one of the 4 will not make it to issue number 589. So I’ll be waiting by the business phone early Tuesday morning to find out who dies. A quick special thanks to Tate’s Comics here in Florida for giving me the call in morning on the news! Not too sure why Marvel has decided to off one of the members though, for obliviously reasons sales, but there is probably a bigger picture here. Well at least that’s what we all hope, right? The biggest single event to hit Marvel since the Death of Captain America will happen on Tuesday (one day early release from the normal Wednesday release date). So are you ready? Maybe Marvel will really surprise everyone and have the number 3 they keep showing mean 3 deaths?!

Fantastic Four #1 (1961) $80,000. (Source: Comics Price Guide)

freakshow1Is there a bigger book this week than Fantastic Four #587? Well, this depends. Maybe! You see there is going to be a comic that will be completely overshadowed this week, a lower print run, and sell out. Look for Ape Entertainment’s Freakshow  #1, from the creative team of David Server, Jackson Lanzing, and Joe Suitor. With the comic getting very good reviews, and an appearance from the creative team at Golden Apple in L.A. on January 29, 2011, this comic will be sold out quick. Check out the coverage right here on the Golden Apple web site. The preview pages alone look amazing. Grab yourself a copy early, if you don’t you’ll just have to wait for the second print in a few weeks. 


GA8shazam_nonumberNY5_1DC Comics goes with the Black Green Arrow in Green Arrow #8, and that’s equals up to some awesomeness. Also check out the non-numbered Shazam issue from Cliff Richards and Eric Wallace, and New York Five #1 from Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly

The Indie’s will also have a couple of books coming out that you should keep an eye on besides the “sold out” Freakshow #1. IDW begins their very first crossover event with Infestation #1. This will be a very different event in many ways. Why you ask? The event involves the Star Trek crew, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and even the Ghostbusters. Is that enough of a “what the…?” for ya? Sounds like fun though, jump in! Darth Vader begins a solo miniseries in Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1.







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