InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-16-11

HPFP31611InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 3-16-11




Marvel Hot Picks: Amazing Spider-Man #656. Spidey wears some new duds. A new Spider-Armor debuts! And check out Joe Q’s variant cover. Nice! Another Marvel event starts up. This time with the focus on “Fear”. Fear Itself Book of Skull #1 kicks things off.









DC Hot Picks: Speaking of events, Green Lantern starts off with another major storyline. Green Lantern #64 begins the “War of the Green Lanterns”.  DC brings back a Milestone character named Xombi in his own number one issue. Look for the first appearance of Xombi in his self titled Milestone comic from 1994, Xombi #1 in any 50 cent box at your local comic shop.










Independent Hot Picks: Look for 2 very fine issues this coming Wednesday. Atlas Comics’ The Grim Ghost #1 and Antarctic Press’ Planet of The Living Dead.

…And in case you missed it. Check out (below) last week’s InvestComics TV interview with Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times! 

Martin Pierro

Invest Wisely. 

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