InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-23-11

InvestComics will be heading on over to the Orlando MegaCon once again this year. Last year was a fun show, but this year it will be spectacular. This year I will be joined by a true team player in Sebastian Piccione. And just in case you missed it, you can read all about Sebastian right here! A true TEAM player and a blast to work with, so if you are coming to the show, make sure to stop by Sebastian’s table. Artist Neil Jorge will be at the table as well! They’d love to meet you, so don’t be shy.

As many of you have noticed, InvestComics moved its entire site onto a new platform. For a few years now the InvestComics backend has been running on the Joomla platform. And it has been nothing but a pain in the neck since day one. Its primary functions were kind of useful, but in many ways when you looked for help with it, no one knew how to really operate it. There were many functions that had you scratching your head saying “huh”? So now InvestComics went to WordPress and I couldn’t be happier. A very special thanks to Christopher Moshier for the tedious task of moving things over. There is some more work to be done as far as the articles go. Many are missing images… biggie. I’ll get those fixed in time. If you need any website work done for an extremely affordable rate, send Christopher an email at He’s great at his craft.

Now off to this week’s Hot Picks!

Marvel: Check out the new Captain America and Batroc one shot this week. One of Cap’s oldest adversaries goes toe to toe in what Marvel is calling “a rematch years in the making.” That’s a book for some good reading and action! If you want to seek out the first appearance of Batroc, look for Tales of Suspense #75 from 1966. This comic is only a $100 (per Comics Price It’s only a $100 because Batroc is one of those villains that will never become an elite villain. Unless Marvel is testing the waters with this one shot to see if it warrants bringing the third rate villain back for some more. Probably not going to happen. Nonetheless, a first appearance in a Cap comic from 1966 for only a 100 bucks is a deal any way you slice it.
Now we get to the ridiculousness of a new release from Marvel. Ridiculous in the name of FF #1. Do you need an explanation here? Okay here’s a few, first off, why the restart? Second, Spidey in FF? Third, those white suits? And finally the biggie…….8 covers?? Why? Eight different covers for the SAME pages inside. It’s one thing to release a number one issue with a regular cover, and then ONE variant, but 8? Marvel is running that thin line of the idiotic 90’s faze. Actually they have been doing this for quite some time now with the overabundance of variant covers. Well anyway, I will be checking out a copy of the new FF #1 (ONE cover, not reading it 8 times!). You should check it out too, and if you want to make a quick buck, buy the variant with the best ratio, slab it, get a very high grade, sell it back to a collector seeking these CGC’s on ebay.

DC comes in with the Hot Pick of the week. Supergirl #62 will be introducing a new villain for the ages. Yes for the ages. The DC solicit spills out names in comparison to the new villain like Joker, Darkseid, and Lex. This comic will probably sell out and the best part is the print run will not be a high one, which makes Supergirl #62 an even sweeter buy.

Independents to check out this week: Atlas Greeting from Earth, Creepy Comics #5, Jennifer Blood #2 exclusive DF cover edition, and Paparazzi #1.

See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz




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