InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-6-11

Well last week was fun! If you missed the Comic Hot picks from 3-31-11, you can check out the Video Comic Hot Picks right here! It was a different version of the Comic Hot Picks that was well received. Thanks to many of you that sent or called approving of the format. And also a big thanks to Rick Osmon for interviewing me in the process about Orlando’s MegaCon. It will be back soon, probably as a permit way of doing the Picks every week!

Are there any fans of the Marvel’s Cosmic Universe out there? A very big guest will be coming on to InvestComics TV next week. Mr. Cosmic himself Jim Starlin did an Interview with myself and Martin Pierro of Cosmic It was a great interview, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone! However, THIS week (Wednesday April 6, 2011) we’ll see Rick Osmon pulling double duty with BOTH Darren Davis (Bluewater President) and Jaymes Reed (Letterer/Writer) in a Press Release announcement that will be exclusive, right here ONLY on InvestComics TV! Catch this folks, great interview (as usual) and great Press Release.

Now on to the archaic way of doing the Comic Hot Picks!  ……..for now.

Marvel – Fear Itself #1 will be Marvel’s big event this year. Let’s hope the hype meets expectations. Here is a question that has been eating away at every single Cosmic Universe fan for a very long time. When is ROM coming back? Will he come back? This week we get the return of the Spaceknights and the Dire Wraiths in Annihilators #2. The biggest moment in Cosmic comic history would be that in the final issue of this 4 part series, last page, ROM. That would blow us all away. Won’t happen, but fun to think it would.

DC – JLA 2011 looks to be a great read. Producer/Writer of TV’s Supernatural Adam Glass takes part in writing this very dark tale. 80 Page Giant issue! Another book to check out this week from DC is First Wave Special.

Indies – Plenty to pick up this week from the Independents. Image’s Blue Estate #1 and Nonplayer #1.  Dynamite’s Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files Fool Moon #1. Doctor Who fans can check out Doctor Who Unlimited Magazine #1. And it looks like the sleeper of the week may go to Aspen with Charismagic #1.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check out the comic review section on InvestComics for more selections of great reading material! And don’t miss out on the upcoming episodes of InvestComics TV!

See you next week. Invest wisely.


Jay Katz

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