Comics as Fine Art?

The Toledo Museum of Art is running an exhibit organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum called LitGraph: The World of the Graphic Novel examines the history, diversity and tremendous popularity of what is considered by many to be a comics renaissance.

The exhibit features 146 pieces of art by 24 artists. According to :

LitGraphic looks at the development of sequential art through its practitioners. Their work continues to suggest new ways of seeing: wordless narratives by 1920s woodcut artist Lynd Ward and modern-day commentator Peter Kuper; revolutionary underground comix by R. Crumb and humorous, personal Girl Stories’ by Lauren Weinstein; works by Mad Magazine co-creator Harvey Kurtzman and Breathtaker co-creator Marc Hempel, and the pioneering art of Will Eisner (Contract with God), Dave Sim (Cerebus) and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise).

There will also be art by Frank Miller and Steve Ditko. Comic books have been gaining respect in the world of art and literature lately, and this travelling exhibition is likely to solidfy comics place as one of the most important forms of modern art.

Here is the event listing from the Toledo Musem of Art:

For centuries, sequential imagery has served as a
direct and efficient means of communicating ideas and
information. From the cave paintings of early man and
the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt to the ceiling of
Rome’s Sistine Chapel, pictures, when linked to convey
an overarching narrative, have a unique ability to
teach and inspire.

LitGraphic: The World of the
Graphic Novel
, examines
the history, diversity, and tremendous popularity of
this growing modern-day phenomenon, considered by many
to be a comics renaissance. Graphic novels (think comic
books for grownups) explore topics ranging from heart-wrenching
to thought-provoking to risqué. Organized by
the Norman Rockwell Museum, the exhibition features
approximately 146 artworks by 24 contemporary graphic
novelists and historic practitioners of this ever-evolving
art form.

The exhibit opens October 2nd in Toledo, and will be a travelling
exhibit, so it may soon be coming to a city near YOU (as opposed to
now, when it’s a at a city near RU – huzzah!).


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