Could Disney cause Marvel to lower prices to $1.99?

Rich Johnston seems to think they might.

Lately, it seems a lot of online discussion seems to circle around Marvel Comics and their prices, how some ongoing series (New Avengers, Hulk, among others) have crept up to $3.99 without adding any extra content or pages. There is fear that $3.99 could become the defacto price for all Marvel books.

But now that Marvel have been bought by Disney, could prices actually go down?

Over at BleedingCool , gossipmonger Rich Johnstons seems to think it’s possible.

However, what if Disney was premptive? What if Disney want to do
something that makes a big impact on the comics business. It may make
less money, it may cost them in instant revenue, but it also may
reignite the kind of buzz that will help the slew of Marvel and
Marvel-related films and merchandise.

What if the comics, rather than creeping towards the $3.99 price,
suddenly dropped. To $1.99. Across the board.  Sales would rocket,
market share would sour, other publishers would be squeezed off the
shelves, plastic rings or no plastic rings,  comics revenue would fall.
But buzz would increase, increase, increase

It might even just save the direct market.

Naturally such a publisher would need deep pockets to do this on a mass scale.

Oh, it’s Disney.


Now, this may all seem like pointless conjecture and guesswork from a master of the artform, but then again:

I understand this approach is seriously being discussed at the publisher

Personally, I don’t think this is very likely, and could very well cause problems for Comic Shops, but still, the optimist in me… I’d like this.

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Posted originally: 2009-09-10 10:21:33

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