Could Generation X be returning?

Joe Q hints at the future of the 90s X-Team in Cup O’ Joe.

Joe Quesada did his weekly Cup O’ Joe Q&A today for CBR, and he was asked this question:

Kiel Phegley: And to
follow up, Kid Icarus asked, "Finally, with the almost surprise success
of New Mutants, has there been any discussion on creating a reunion of
the wonderful Generation X characters? I know a lot of people miss this
team, and they really haven’t done much since they disbanded."

Joe Quesada: Here’s all I can give you for right now, Kid
Icarus, at the last X-Men summit that was held in Los Angeles,
Generation X did come up in conversation. I can say no more.

It’s a little tenuous I know, but Generation X have a lot of fans, and they really have been mistreated. It’s really only M who is doing OK, she’s in X-Factor, Synch and Skin are dead, Jubilee was decimated and then ruined in New Warriors, Husk hasn’t appeared in ages and Chamber got weird sound powers. The New Mutants got brought back properly due to nostalgia, is it too soon for some 90s nostalgia?

Joe also discussed the cancellations of both Runaways and War Machine, the status of newuniversal, the new FF logo, amongst many other things. He also previewed some pages of X-Force: Sex and Violence by Gabriele Dell Otto, and they are amazing. Check it out at CBR.

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