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As all of the Creator Spotlights on InvestComics, each and every one of the creators have their own uniqueness. Rob Liefeld stormed into the industry back in 1987 and took the industry by the proverbial ears, starred into its eyes and said “I’m taking over.” So he he did.

He was one of the busiest creators in the industry at one time. The man was churning out comics at a ridiculous rate. That was good for the fans because they couldn’t seem to get enough.

Check out some of Rob Liefeld’s key books in his vast career thus far. Everything from Deadpool to Jada Pinkett Smith. Yes Jada….

Megaton Explosion #1 InvestComics
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Megaton #5 InvestComics
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Please note: there will in fact be some comics on here that are not listed. It’s not done intentionally, If you have a comic you think we should add, simply list it under the article here.

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Megaton #5 (1983) First published work. And mega cheap.

Megaton Comics Explosion (no number) (1987) This freebie features the first appearance of Youngblood.

Boris The Bear #1 (1987) Rob’s first published work for a major publisher. Dark Horse Comics. A pinup page from Rob.

Who’s Who in the Legion of Super Heroes #1 (1988) DC Comics claims Rob Liefeld. His first work for the big two. Rob does a backup story.

Tales of The Teen Titans #89 (1988) First cover art. Collaboration with George Perez.

Secret Origins #28 (1988) Pencils a story here that includes his first Batman, Green Lantern, Deadshot, and a host of others.

Whos Whos in the Legion of Super Heroes #1 InvestComics
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Boris The Bear #1 InvestComics
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Secret Origins #28 InvestComics
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Tales of The Teen Titans #89 InvestComics
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Ex-Mutants: The Shattered Earth Chronicles #4 (1988) The first solo Liefeld cover with inks from another relatively new gun; inker Jimmy Palmiotti.

Hawk and Dove #1 (1988) It only takes Rob one year to get a solo DC comic under his belt. This series was a hot one back in the day too. Pencils and cover art.

X-Factor #40 (1989) Here is Rob’s first Marvel comics work. Art and cover collaboration with Al Milgrom. Boy are things going to change for him now………

Marvel Comics Presents #19 (1989) During the same month, Rob did a collaboration cover with Phillip Craig Russell.

Ex-Mutants The Shattered Earth Chronicles #4 InvestComics
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Hawk and Dove #1 InvestComics
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Marvel Comics Presents #19 InvestComics
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X-Factor #40 InvestComics
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Uncanny X-Men #245 (1989) Could you imagine your second story pencil gig at Marvel is with their flagship team? Pencils and solo cover here. Rob is taking over…..

Wolverine #8 (1989) Supplies a pin-up on the back cover.

What If #7 (1989) Classic cover with Scott Williams. Interior art as well here.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 (1989) From one flagship to another. Here’s Rob’s first Spidey. John Byrne cover too.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 InvestComics
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Uncanny X-Men #245 InvestComics
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What If Wolverine #7 InvestComics
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Wolverine #8 InvestComics
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New Mutants Annual #5 (1989) Busy year so far for Rob. His first stab on the New Mutants. Cover art only.

New Mutants #85 (1990) Cover art with Todd McFarlane. Eventually these two along with a few others will get sick of Marvel and everyone else and start their own company. Thus changing the course of comic industry history forever.

X-Factor #50 (1990) More Liefeld/McFarlane Cover art team-up.

New Mutants #86 (1990) First interior art by Liefeld on this title. McFarlane/Liefeld cover once again. A Cable cameo.

New Mutants #85 InvestComics
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New Mutants #86 InvestComics
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New Mutants Annual #5 InvestComics
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X-Factor #50 InvestComics
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New Mutants #87 (1990) The first appearance of Cable. Pencils by Liefeld, cover art with McFarlane. A classic cover that still gets paid respect in today’s cover art.

Marc Spector, Moon Knight #19 (1990) A solo Rob Liefeld Moon Knight cover with Spider-Man and the Punisher.

New Mutants #98 (1991) Well here it is. The Holy Grail. Only fours years into his professional career, Rob hits on a character that will forever change his career and the Marvel character landscape. The cover alone has been paid respect to so many times throughout the years. Rob Liefeld introduced the world to Deadpool and Marvel had a character for the ages. Not much can be said about this comic and character that hasn’t been said already, but Rob is officially a superstar now.

X-Force #1 (1991) This comic was ridiculously hot back in the early 90’s. Too many copies released prevented it from gaining any substantial aftermarket heat. Rob pencils/inks and cover art. Many collectors these days go after the bagged issue with the Deadpool trading card. Claiming it’s an early appearance of Deadpool. It’s a card. Seriously, it’s a card, not a comic appearance.

Moon Knight #19 InvestComics
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New Mutants #87 InvestComics
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New Mutants #98 InvestComics
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X-Force #1 InvestComics
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X-Force #2 (1991) Deadpool appears here, in this comic. This is his official second appearance in a comic book that doesn’t involve a card.

Malibu Sun #10 (1992) Here is the first appearance of Rob’s creator owned Youngblood team in Image Comics. Not an easy find.

Supreme #1 (1992) Here is Image Comics’ version of Superman. Never quite panned out. Rob is co-writer and the inker on this book.

Phantom Force #1 (1993) Cover collaboration with Jack ‘King’ Kirby.

Malibu Sun #10 InvestComics
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Phantom Force #1 InvestComics
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Supreme #1 InvestComics
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X-Force #2 InvestComics
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Troll #1 (1993) What a great looking whacked out character. Written by Rob.

Victory #1 (1994) Topps Comics. Cover artist; Rob. Writer Kurt Busiek, pencils Keith Giffen.

Battlestar Galactica #1 (1995) Rob Liefeld writes and does the cover art.

Avengers #1 (1996) Marvel tries to bring the New Mutants/X-Factor magic to their Avengers title. Rob co-writes, co-pencils and collaborates on the cover art.

Avengers #1 InvestComics
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Battlestar Galactica #1 InvestComics
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Troll #1 InvestComics
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Victory #1 InvestComics
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Captain America #1 (1996) The same month Rob does the Avengers book, he’s on the Captain America comic too. Rob co-writes with Jeph Loeb and Chuck Dixon. He pencils the issue, he co-edits, and collaborates on the cover. This is a busy man here. Turns out the Cap and Avengers books will be short lived stints.

Spider-Man Badrock #1 (1997) Liefeld pencils and cover art. Dan Jurgens writes.

Menace #1 (1998) Did you know that Jada Pinkett Smith wrote a comic book? In fact, she wrote two. This one has a variant cover done by Rob. Only one available on Ebay as you read this.

Superman #165 (2001) A pinup page of Superman and Aquaman done by Rob.

Superman #165 InvestComics
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Spider-Man Badrock #1 InvestComics
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Captian America #1 InvestComics
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Menace #1 InvestComics
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Cable and Deadpool #1 (2004) With Deadpool making his way to theaters and Cable possibly coming on board in the New Mutants movie, this is a nice team-up book with cover art from Liefeld. Rob had a hand in creating both of these characters.

Teen Titans #27 (2005) Nice to finally get something other than an Image/X book. Here Liefeld does the artwork, inks and cover art. Gail Simone writes.

Deadpool #1 (2008) Variant cover art.

Spawn #196 (2010) Collaborates with Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo; interior art.

The Infinite #1 (2011) Robert Kirkman writes, Liefeld interior art/inks and a collaborative Todd McFarlane cover.

Cable and Deadpool #1 InvestComics
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Deadpool #1 InvestComics
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Spawn #196 InvestComics
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The Infinite #1 InvestComics
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Dark Cybertron Transformers #1 InvestComics
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Deathstroke #9 InvestComics
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Deathstroke #9 (2012) Writes, pencils, and handles the cover art.

Dark Cybertron Transformers #1 (2013) Pays homage to himself with this cover.

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