Creators Begin to Respond to Outhouse Awards

As we continue to try to get the word out to creators who’ve won Outhouse awards, we’ve got some words from a few, including Val Staples and the crew from New Comic Day!

Val Staples posted the following on deviantART:

Yay! I won an award over at The Outhousers!
Well, I sort did. I won by association. 😀
Sean and I won Best Indie Art Team

Incognito got Best New Indie series in a 3-way tie
Ed Brubaker walked away with Best Indie Writer
Criminal got Best Indie Crime/Suspense Series

Thanks to everyone there who voted for Criminal, Incognito, Ed, Sean and myself.

Check out their awards for 2009, and sign up to their forums while you’re at it! 🙂

Also, we received some messages from the creators of New Comic Day over at ComicRelated, a webcomic that has not only the endorsement of the Outhouse Awards, but of Marvel supereditor Tom Brevoort, who helped jumpstart the popularity of the strip by pimping it on his Twitter last year:

Bill Gladman (Co-writer, idea man):

Wow. Favorite Web Comic of 2009 awarded to us by I’m speechless. Well…not really. I’m one of the most talkative S.O.B’s you will ever meet. But I consider this award an honor and quite a feather in the cap. (And I’m sure at some point in the future Chad will draw Eric and I with peacock’s on our heads).

Of course this wouldn’t be possible if not for everybody that supported the strip since its debut last year and voted for it to win this award. Thank you all (Eric is buying you dinner and claims I’m not invited…gonna have to talk to him about that).

I have to also thank Eric, Chad, and Lisa for making this comic so effortless and entertaining to work on and of course Comic Related for giving us a home to get the ball rolling. And finally all the people that agree with me that Bug can take Deadpool in a fair fight and twice on Tuesday. I hope the strip continues to be as fun and entertaining in 2010.

Eric Ratcliffe (creator, co-writer and producer):

So we won…I wonder if it has anything to do with that massive voting campaign I did. (ask jude if you really want to know…i’m kidding or am I?) To be honest with you guys, you have no idea what this means to me. Jude and Jon gave me my first home for writing a column on bludblood, I know most of you from the oldrama days and consider several of you close friends.

I have to first thank Jude for nominating us and Lee (The fourthman) for seconding it because well without you two yahoos we wouldn’t have even been in the running. I have to thank our original colorist Liam Bradley who is really a great guy who I know Bill and I miss having on the crew. Without Lisa though this strip would be nothing and I really love what she adds to each strip. She’s a talented person and does some great work on a whole bunch of comics we all read every week. I also really have to thank Chad who since day one has just been amazing to work with. He has a great sense of comedic timing in his panel work and just adds to the craziness that Bill and I cook up. I remember seeing those first few character sketches and I just smiled like a maniac. I couldn’t ask for a greater team on this.

I’m forgetting someone? Are you sure? Oh…you mean Bill? Seriously without Bill backing up this crazy idea, writing those first few strips and just becoming the best writing partner a guy could ask for I really don’t think we’d have this great strip on our hands.We’ve really grown to have this unique partnership that I honestly wouldn’t trade for anything. Nowadays when either of us writes something, we just add stuff to each others scripts and it just gets stronger.

I also have to give Tom Breevort a shout out because he gave us a lot of hits for those first few strips and our friend Jef Price for showing the strip to him in the first place. (Tom actually linked to us via his twitter/facebook) and just all of you great readers who enjoy the strip every single week. Just wait till you see what we have planned next, things truly get crazy. Thanks again and wait till you see the first collection we have planned it’s going to be packed!

Lisa (Colorist/Letterer extraordinaire):

First wow, just wow Favorite Web Comic of the year.  What an amazing way to start off the year.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the New Comic Day team.  So first I’d like to thank Eric, Bill, and Chad for putting up with me and my comic newbie-ness.  Yep, that’s a word I’m sure of it. I bet Eric will be glad the day I stop IM’ing him crazy questions while I color the strip each week.  Things like, "What color is Cat Woman’s hair?, What’s a celestial?, and the classic "Do you know what color Bill’s wife’s hair is?"  For the record he knew the answer to two of those three questions.  One day I will know this stuff, for now I’m just happy to be included in this quartet.
So thanks to everyone who voted for us!  I can say without a doubt this is one of my favorite things about the week.  Getting a look at Chad’s new art and being able to splash some color into the NCD world is a thrill.  Huge thanks to everyone who reads the strip each week and for everyone over at ComicRelated.Com for being such wonderful supporters. So just keep checking back we aren’t going anywhere.  *I was going to throw in some mention of thanks to a certain sparkly vampire, but I don’t think Eric would approve.  So I’ll just close with this…. THANK YOU!!!!

Chad (Artist and fellow idea man) :

A year ago I was still sitting at home doodling on notepads and telling myself I should make a comic. Of course I had also been telling myself this since I was ten years old, and had gone on to do little more than that.
Then, in a matter of a month, I was drawing an eight page story for an anthology and suddenly I was asked if I wanted to draw for a new comic strip. I was reluctant at first, but not because I had any doubts about the strip. It was because I had doubts about me.
First off, I want to thank Bill and Eric for giving me this opportunity, for giving me the opportunity to add my own little sprinkle of humor here and there along the way, and for giving me a chance to be a part of a community that goes beyond me and the creative team involved.
I originally agreed to 25 strips, but I can honestly say that I’ll still be here when we reach 2500 (if the fates allow) and that’s because the team is great and the fans (those who voted for us) are even greater.  After all, any strip or comic or anything is really nothing until you have the support of the community to make it worth everything.
Thanks to all our past, present, and future readers,and all the web sites that have adopted us as part of their content. I really appreciate you all giving me the chance to entertain you and I hope you’ll continue to give me that chance. I promise, I may not always be good… but I’ll never let you down.
Keep reading. 
Keep smiling.
And remember, no matter how crappy the week has been, every Wednesday is a always a New Comic Day.

If you haven’t checked out the results of the First Official Outhouse Awards, make sure you read the article here. And if you’re friends with any of the winners on facebook or IRL, please let them know they’ve won and help to spread the news about the fastest-growing comic book website in the known universe!

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