Dan Buckley Talks Motion Comics

Marvel’s president talks about motion comics and the upcoming release of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic at Marvelfest NYC.

In an interview with MTV News , Dan Buckley gave a lot of insight into the process behind selecting Astonishing X-Men for motion comic treatment:

"[Whedon’s run] is four arcs, but as we started seeing more and more of
the product, we got more and more excited of what this could be and how
it could expand our fanbase for our core storytelling and the older,
adolescent-male interpretations that we do in our comics," he
explained. "We took a more mass-market, aggressive approach with
‘Astonishing X-Men’ because it has Wolverine and it involves Joss

He also talked about the difference between Astonishing X-Men and Brian Bendis’s recently completed Spider-Woman motion comic:

"Brian Bendis has also been very bullish in the [motion comic] space,
and we developed ‘Spider-Woman’—which was a very different process
where we’re making the comic and the motion comic at the exact same
time," said Buckley. "We decided to take a more hobby market approach
with ‘Spider-Woman’ because the story is very much embedded in our
comic book continuity."

Buckley also explained the reasoning behind MarvelFest NYC 2009:

"This is a holiday that is important to us," he continued. "We go to
any convention and we have hundreds of people showing up in their
costumes. It all kind of melted together as people started
brainstorming in the room. … We’re doing Marvelfest for the first
time in New York City because the city is very much a character in our
books, and it all kind of pulled together—much to the dismay of many of
our marketing people who have to manage these things."

Finally, he intimated that if the event is successful, MarvelFest may show up in other cities as well in the future.

Read the full interview here.

MarvelFest NYC 2009

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