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DC’s continuity is too confusing you say? Well this May, you’ll finally be able to know Who’s Who!

Over at the DCU Source Blog, Dan DiDio has announced a new version of DC’s classic, Official Handbook style Who’s Who series, launching in May 2010.

A new WHO’s WHO is currently in production with the first issue hitting
the stores in May. Like the original series, this is a massive
undertaking: 18 issues, over 800 entries and featuring, literally, a
thousand characters. Former DC Editor Bob Greenberger has returned to
the fold (Bob worked on the original Who’s Who as well) and is taking
on the incredible task of building this series so that it has the same
lasting impact of the first one.

With continuity being an issue at DC these days, maybe this will clear some stuff up, all I know is that I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, I bought Marvel’s Official Handbooks even though I knew everything already, and I reckon this’ll be the same deal. The article also discusses the upcoming Legacies mini by Len Wein, which looks suhweet.
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Posted originally: 2010-01-08 13:56:08

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