DC to become the Johns and Morrison show?

BleedingCool has more crazy rumours, this time about the future of DC, and that, basically, Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison are going to write EVERYTHING.

More rumours that are definitely going to come true, until they don’t from Rich Johnston and BleedingCool , this time spinning out of last weekend’s Long Beach Comic-Con, where mutters and ramblings from Freelancers led Rich to claim that:

Well Geoff Johns announced that he and Francis Manapul will be on Flash, I understand that Johns will stay on Green Lantern that he will head up a new core Justice League Of America title
to be announced shortly. So while Geoff keeps control over the League
and two of its members, friend and colleague Grant Morrison will be
keeping the others in check, continuing a monthly Batman book but also
adding a Superman and Wonder Woman book to the mix, for the full
Trinity set.

With Geoff and Grant at the centre of the DC Universe, expect
trusted writers like Pete Tomasi (coming off The Outsiders, replaced by
Dan DiDio) to take on the secondary characters, keeping the central
thrust of the DC Universe consistent and coherent. No more problems
with repeated New God deaths… just the Geoff and Grant show, writ large


I honestly don’t see this happening, Grant Morrison doesn’t have time to do a Superman and a Wonder Woman book too. And the fact that there would be a 2nd Wonder Woman book is preposterous enough on it’s own. Plus, Rich has been banging on about this Johns/Jim Lee JLA book for aaages, and nothing’s come of it.


But it would be interesting, but DC already get enough criticism for Johns and Morrison being the only 2 writers allowed to do what they want, so this may be a bad move. Let someone else do something! Marvel may be mostly Bendis, but it’s not just him!

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