DCU Legacies News: Williams, Gibbons, Garcia-Lopez, Morales, Jurgens

Some DCU LEgacies news coming out of Wondercon, plus a Dave Gibbons Cover.

Some news out of Wondercon, courtesy of the DCU Blog:

Been a great show so far, eh? For those reading along from home, our very own Ian Sattler promised on the DC Editorial panel at WonderCon today that we’d be talking about some major creators contributing to upcoming issues of DCU: LEGACIES, the era-spanning series touching on the various heroes and villains of the DC Universe.

Well, how about these names? J.H. Williams III. Dave Gibbons. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Rags Morales. Dan Jurgens.

Not too shabby, huh?

And because I can’t really contain myself when I know I have a cool piece of Dave Gibbons art, here’s the inked cover to LEGACIES #3, from the legendary creator.

DCU Legacies Gibbons Cover

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