Deathlok is Coming Back!





 Marvel makes an announcement at SDCC about Deathlok. In search of a good story to bring him back into the Marvel Universe, they have found one. Now see what key books you need to get before Deathlok rules the land once again.


Astonishing Tales #25  Deathlok’s first appearance and Icon George Perez’s first artwork ever. Get this at a price of $65 and you got yourself Gold. InvestComics had this pick a couple of months ago in it’s Hot Picks. It also appeared in the very first IC magazine as well. Buy this comic folks, it’s a keeper. This character is on the fringe of exploding into the MU. Marvel editor Axel Alonso says ” Look for more Deathlok after this 7-issue limited series. Can’t say more, but this is not the last you’ve seen of him.” A movie is on the horizon as well for Deathlok. Buy this comic now.










Astonishing Tales # 27  Here is an origin issue released just a couple of months after his debut. Get this comic for $15. A great early Bronze Age book to own. Buy this now, enjoy the growth of this one.






Here is the Deathlok Image Marvel released with their announcement





















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