Digital Comics on the iPad – The Future of the Industry?

ComiXology, gives the world a look at their concept for an iPad digital comics app, and Jude Terror gives his thoughts.

With the Apple iPad being officially revealed today, the comic book community is buzzing with talk of how the device will affect digital comics distribution. While it’s clear that audio and video are quickly moving solely into the digital realm, books and comic books have faced some resistance, despite e-readers like the kindle and apps for devices like the iPhone.

The biggest problem for digital comics, at least to this reporter, has been the lack of a device that can both deliver comics in a large, color, high-res format that is also as portable as paper book and as easy to navigate. So far, devices and programs have been able to meet some of these criteria, but never all. An iPod or iPhone can deliver comics in a portable, color format, but they are too small and that size restriction can make them difficult to navigate, in this reporter’s opinion. A laptop or PC can display comics on a large screen and with intuitive controls for navigation, but it is certainly not portable. Devices like the Kindle do not even offer color.

Enter the iPad, a device that is large enough to display full comic pages in color, lightweight and portable enough to bring with you to bed, on the train, or to the can, and featuring the intuitive navigation Apple has become famous for. However, can this device, starting at 9 dollars, revolutionize comics in the way the iPod revolutionized music?

There are certainly some major setbacks, like a lack of multitasking, missed opportunities for integration with other devices, and a high price point. Still, it’s not a bad start.

comiXology, one of the leading providers of digital comics on the iPhone, revealed their video concept for digital comics on the iPad, which you can view at the following link:

What do YOU think about digital comics? Are they the future, or a passing fad? Will you ever give up your floppies?
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Posted originally: 2010-01-27 18:54:04

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