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Regarding our weekly articles (Hot Picks, Top 5, or Video). We use the phrase “sold out” in our articles on a regular basis. “Sold out” means at the distributor. We have no way of knowing if your local shop still has copies or items at their store on the shelf of a comic or item that is no longer available on the distributor level. Please use common sense here.
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We are not responsible for a particular solicit naming such things as a first appearance, new item, new collection, a new villain, a surprise ending, a guest appearance or anything like this herein. If the solicit says this and we misrepresent the comic or item, we are not accountable for this. We will however from time to time guess that there might be something happening within the pages of a new comic or predict about an item. We could be wrong, it’s up to the individual to do their own research. This also holds for back issues of comic books as well. If we mistakenly inform of a first appearance, a new villain, a surprise ending, a guest appearance or anything like this herein, get over it. We’re human. Do your research before buying. We will not be held liable.

There will be hits and misses. Understand that Trending Pop Culture will not always call every comic or item that’s a tremendous trend-er. It’s impossible to do so.

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Comic book AND ITEM sales:
This disclaimer portion applies to Trending Pop Culture Ebay sales, website sales, live auction sales, Facebook post sales or ANY sales.
Any Trending Pop Culture comic book or item sales on any social media outlets or anywhere are final. No REFUNDS. SALES ARE FINAL.
ALL comic book or item sales are on a consignment basis. We do not own any of the comics for sale.
PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 24/48 HOURS. If you cannot pay within that time frame, do not bid.
While we try with due diligence to give an accurate description (grade) of a comic or item we are selling, we are NOT professional grader’s or experts in that particular field. The buyer will relinquish Trending Pop Culture from all responsibilities from any defects a sold comic or item may have that the buyer deems we did not grade or describe correctly.
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Payment is due upon buying/bidding/winning an item. Payment is made via InvestComics Paypal at investcomics@yahoo.com. Items that are not comic books will have shipping cost associated with the post it comes from.
If you buy (win) a comic(s) or any item from Trending Pop Culture, the buyer will assume all responsibility and have acknowledged they have read this disclaimer.
NO International shipping. NO shipping outside of the U.S.
Your email is the link to you getting your comic book(s) or items(s). Your email is how we provide an invoice for you to pay via Paypal. If you win an auction, please provide Trending Pop Culture with your most used (checked) email. Send us that email to either the Trending Pop Culture Facebook page (message), investcomics@gmail.com (email), the Jay Katz Facebook page (message) or paypal.me/InvestComicsLLC If we do not see an email provided from you or after we have reached out to you two times (or more) after 24 hours, your winnings will be forfeited, null and void.
No returns. No refunds. All sales are final.
Trending Pop Culture reserves the right to ship however fit in order to ensure the safety of the comic(s) or item(s). This applies to shipping in separate boxes and or envelopes.
We will NOT ‘hold’ your order until the ‘next’ auction. What if you do not bid and or win in the next auction? We’re not a warehouse. Please, pay and be done with it.
If there is an issue with anything, please contact us before going postal on every message board that will believe ONE side of a story. Thank you.

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