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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE MCDUCK goes back to print and a Living Legend stops by InvestComics 10 For The Pros. Mr. Don Rosa.
Don Hugo Rosa
) (born June 29, 1951) is an American comic book writer and illustrator
known for his stories about Scrooge
, Donald Duck and other characters created by Carl Barks
for Disney comics. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, United
. A major work is The Life and Times of Scrooge

Check out the news article regarding the $crooge going BACK to print before moving on to the 10 For The Pros spot. Click on the link below….

Award-Winning Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck Finally Back in Print!





10 For The Pros 

Don Rosa – Artist/Writer 

1. What comic (character) would you love to have total creativity control over? And why?

(DR) Barks $crooge McDuck of course!!! But I DID have “Total creative control” dr6.gifover him because I knew how he worked best and editors let me have free rein!

2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?
(DR) Mind Reading. 

3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

(DR) 9-5. Never before or after. Never on weekends. I never had a deadline and my background is in engineering/construction so I never work overtime for the same pay.

dr4.gif4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

(DR) Not applicable. (I write/draw alone.) 

5. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is doing a good job with the Comic Book movies?

(DR) With American Super-Hero comics maybe. But that’s a small part of comic books worldwide! 

6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?




7. “If I wasn’t in the comic book industry, I would be working…………”?

(DR) Still running my family’s 100+ year old construction company.


8. What advice could you give for a creator trying to break into the industry?

dr2.gif(DR) I have no experience in how to break in. I stumbled in as a fan. One day I never knew I’d ever do anything but operate a construction company. Then I was writing/drawing a full issue of $crooge Adv. 

9. “My best Investment in life was…….”

(DR) My funnybook collection 1945-1985.


10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

(DR) Nope.


Bonus Questions!

Who were your influences breaking into the Industry?

(DR) Carl banks, Will Elder, Will Eisner, Curt Swan.


Digital or Paper?



Thank you Mr. Don Rosa! 













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