Ed Brubaker Talks Captain America Reborn

Marvel’s superstar writer of books like Daredevil, Criminal, Uncanny X-Men, and of course Captain America talks about the mini-series that brings Steve Rogers back from the dead: Reborn!

IGN has an interview with Brubaker focusing on Captain America: Reborn. In it, the scribe talks about the influence Kurt Vonneget’s Slaughterhouse 5 had on the Steve Rogers storyline, and whether he ripped the concept off from LOST:

It’s just sad that Lost decided to rip off Vonnegut before me.

I’m a fan of Lost and watch the show, but the constant is a mathematical term. Damon Lindelof didn’t invent the term constant. [laughs] I mean I love that episode of Lost. I actually didn’t know it was called "The Constant" because I watch it on TV and don’t have the episode titles memorized or anything. But I love Lost. I’m friends with those guys like Damon and Brian Vaughan. I even wrote to Damon when everyone was saying I ripped off Lost. But really I couldn’t have been more obviously making a nod to Slaughterhouse Five, yet because the word constant is there…

On how the changes in the Marvel Universe have affected his story:

Obviously if I did the story earlier the pieces would be different. Instead of Norman Osborn running the show it would have been Tony Stark. Things like that. In issue #3 the Thunderbolts are in it, so they would have been different Thunderbolts depending on who was on the team at that point.

On whether or not he planned the whole thing from the start:

Most of it I knew around the time of writing issue #25. Originally Cap was only going to be dead for six months.

On what will happen to Bucky Barnes once Steve Rogers returns:

Bucky is one of my favorite characters and has been since I was like four or five years old. I definitely don’t plan to make him disappear from the Marvel Universe or have him get blown up in a plane over the English Channel.

Read the full two page interview over at IGN !

Source: IGN
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