Epic Debuts in Comics: From Gotham’s Anarky to the Cosmic Arrival of Galactus

Welcome to Key Comic Thursday; episode 10.
Detective Comics #608 from 1989, Anarky decides to crash Gotham’s party. In a city run by a bat, what’s one more rebel with a cause? This was Gotham’s introduction to teenage angst with a vigilante twist. Fantastic Four #48 in 1966 turned the cosmic dial up to eleven, introducing both the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Surfing across the cosmos on a shiny board wasn’t enough; they had to bring in a planet-eater too. Talk about raising the stakes. 2009, and Hulk #15 reveals Red She-Hulk. Just when you thought the Hulk family couldn’t possibly get any bigger, Marvel said, “Hold my beer.” Enter a fiery redhead with all the rage and none of the wardrobe concerns. In 2007, Justice Society Of America #7 brought us Citizen Steel. Because when you’re crafting a superhero, what’s better than wrapping him in the American flag and calling it a day? It’s patriotism with a punch. Pitt #1 from Image Comics in 1993, Pitt’s debut comic. Because in a world of mutants, aliens, and gods, what we really needed was a half-human, half-alien with a temper problem. Thanks, Image, for filling that niche.

Tune in next Thursday for more Key Comic Thursday shenanigans, until then, be a good human. 

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