Erroneous White Lantern Ring going for $200 on Ebay?!

An auction for a misprinted White Lantern ring set at $200 on ebay is making the news, and you won’t believe who’s selling it!

News reports on Comics Alliance detail the error, in which the Green Lantern symbol has been printed on some White Lantern promotional rings, intended to help promote DC’s Brightest Day event. Further investigation reveals that the auctioneer in question is none other than the Outhouse’s own Coordinating Editor Lee Newman, also the manager of Ultimate Comics in North Carolina.

We realize that the Outhouse doesn’t pay its staff much*, but has Newman gone 2phar? The veteran reviewer had this to say on the Outhouse forums:

I do what the boss tells me and there have been no others listed so it seemed reasonable to me, so for once I didn’t argue.

Just a soldier following orders? Seems contradictory, judging by a followup comment regarding placement of covert advertising for Ultimate Comics in the auction picture:

I know exactly what I’m doing.

Rival ebay merchant Spicy Dick had the following comments on Newman’s ethics:

You give honest sellers of magical plastic jewelry a bad name.

Newman has refused to comment on whether the incident has anything to do with jealousy over the burgeoning relationship between Outhouse copy editor and former lesbian Nerdygirl, with whom Newman had put in lots of footwork, and Outhouse poster CountD, but he does remain shocked that he’s getting any attention at all for the controversy:

Holy crap that thing has gotten like 200 hits since they posted the article.

To view the auction or place a sympathy bid, click here.

* The Outhouse doesn’t pay its staff at all.

Source: Comics Alliance
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Posted originally: 2010-05-10 16:12:38

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