Ethan Van Sciver Responds to Alan Moore

Blackest Night artist Ethan Van Sciver responded on Brian Bendis’s message board to Alan Moore’s accusation that Blackest Night is a shameful ripoff of a story he wrote 25 years ago.

From BendisBoard :

"Ridiculous. At no point during the conversation Geoff and I had in creating Blackest Night did any of us bring up anything Alan Moore ever did. It’d be difficult. I’ve never read any of it.

I think the idea came first, and Geoff kind of retrofitted it into some classic Green Lantern continuity using some pieces and parts of old stories. It’s what he does. He has ideas, and he graciously fits them in to the whole DCU timestream so as to compliment what came before him. It’s everyone’s job to continue the Big Story.

But the idea that we sat around pining to create something, ANYTHING, and had to resort to repeating something Alan Moore did 25 years ago…well, that’s delusional."

Looks like things are heating up. Expect a reply in the form of a twelve page essay from Moore shortly, followed by a sneak attack on Geoff Johns by Alan Moore’s beard.

Thanks to Outhouse poster Chris for finding this gem .

Source: BendisBoard

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