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Superman #15

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Superman #15

Multiversity Society Of Super-Heroes #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Multi SOSH #1

Superman Beyond #1

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The Multiversity #2

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DC continues to bring back many characters from obscurity. This week The Ray begins his own series in Justice League Of America The Ray #1. His first appearance was in his self titled book; The Ray #1 in 1992. This comic can be found for a couple of bucks on Ebay. Click that link and buy yourself a copy now if you believe in the Ray making a comeback. Or just buy it because Joe Quesada penciled the original series and then returned in 1994’s Ray “Rebirth” to do a few covers.
Staying on topic here about characters making their return, judging a book by its cover Superman #15 this Wednesday, Superdemon from Earth 13 looks to make his return. He first cameo appeared unnamed in Superman Beyond 3D #1 (2008). Superdemon reemerged on the variant cover of Multiversity Society Of Super-Heroes #1 (2014) by Frazer Irving. He was finally mentioned and appeared by the name ‘Superdemon’ in The Multiversity #2 (2014). And that is the Whole Superdemon checklist!
….And one more DC character coming back this week; Kamandi. With the release of Kamandi Challenge Special #1, DC will reprint Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #32 (1975) to its entirety. Here’s the thing with the new Kamandi book. It has a cover price of $7.99. The Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #32 (1975) on Ebay, the original, can be purchased at the same price or a few buck more. Why not get THAT instead of the new one?? It’s the same exact book, but better. It has the original Jack Kirby pencils, story and cover. This comic also has the retelling of Kamandi’s origin. Yes, get the original, stop being silly.

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Justice League Of America The Ray #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – JLA Ray #1

The Ray #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – The Ray #1

Kamandi #32 1975

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Kamandi #32

KAMANDI Challenge Special #1

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Jack Kirby

Many first will occur with the new character Mosaic from Marvel. Although we’re not completely up on our Mosaic guidebook, but Marvel says that in Mosaic #4, his first encounter with a super-hero occurs. That first hero is Spider-Man.
The biggest romance in comics in a long time continues in Spider-Gwen #16, with a stellar Robbi Rodriguez variant cover. Crossover storyline; ‘Sitting In A Tree’ part two.
Amazing Spider-Man #23 cover art Alex Ross gets a thumbs up from us. Gwen Stacy joins the bad guys? Read and find out.
Although an amazing cover by Francesco Mattina on Gamora #2, it looks like She-Hulk no?
Marvel will put the new Iron Man; Riri Williams against a seriously big time villain yet to be announced in Invincible Iron Man #3. The Stefano Caselli cover is on point.
The Captain Marvel character gets a new start….again. Mighty Captain Marvel #1, written by Margaret Stohl and art from Ramon Rosanas.
The Gwenpool Army makes an appearance in Gwenpool #10.

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Amazing Spider-man #23

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Amz Spm #23

Mosiac #4

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Mosaic #4

Spider-Gwen #16

Buy/Bid Now – Spider-Gwen #16

Monsters Unleashed #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Mons Unlsd #1











Gwen Stacy

It’s been a long while since monster comics dominated the genre. At one point dinosaurs, mummies, vampires and a bevy of other monster type characters were the ‘go to’ for a sale within the industry. In today’s market, Devil Dinosaur is teaming with Moon Girl and that seems to be going well, no? This Wednesday Marvel will attempt to test this market to see if there is in fact a market for monster books. As we have stated in previous Hot Picks years ago and recently, Disney (Marvel) has yet to touch on two comic book genre’s on the big screen and television. Water and horror/monster comics. Enter one of those test markets this Wednesday with Monsters Unleashed #1. Creative firepower accompanies this book; writer Cullen Bunn and artist Steve McNiven. Should be a fun ride.

Gamora #2

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Gamora #2

Mighty Captain Marvel #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Cap Marv #1

Invincible Iron Man #3

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Iron Man #3

Gwenpool #10

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Gwenpool #10










Ms Marvel

InvestComics Indie Hot Picks…..

There are two types of marketing strategies in this world. There is marketing and then there is marketing. If you fall into the latter, you understand why we do most of the things we do around here. That said, there are certain companies that understand the process and some that don’t. Valiant Entertainment release their comic Divinity III Aric #1 this Wednesday with many critics complaining and harassing on various boards around the internet. Why you may ask? Well we will do a show and tell. Take a look at four of the five covers being released in this article. What do you see? Exactly. Valiant had a chance to possibly change things, but they declined to do so. Good for them. Although very similar, It’s not the same. Let fans talk and create that buzz, get them talking, sharing, complaining, commenting, it’s all a moot point. Valiant wins here no matter what. They got your attention and you’re talking about it. It’s all free publicity. It’s marketing 101 right here. Good stuff. And oh yes, we’re quite confident too that Valiant will back up their mini comic book fan mutiny against there character lookalike with a ridiculously fabulous story from Joe Harris. Art by David LaFuente.

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Divinity Aric #1

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Divinity Aric #1 Diego Bernard

Buy/Bid Now – Divinity #1 Bernard

Divinity Aric #1 Trevor Hairsine

Buy/Bid Now – Divinity #1 Hairsine

Divinity Aric #1 Clayton

Buy/Bid Now – Divinity #1 Clayton











Image Comics; Curse Words #1 Writer Charles Soule Artist Ryan Browne. Few #1 Writer Sean Lewis Artist Hayden Sherman. Danger Zone Comics; Cougar and Cub #1 and Dollface #1.

Few #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Few #1

Curse Words #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Curse Words #1

Dollface #1

Click To Buy/Bid Now – Dollface #1

Cougar And Cub #1

Buy/Bid Now – Cougar and Cub #1











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