First look at FCBD Iron Man/Thor issue

Newsarama have a preview of Fraction and Romita’s Thor/Iron Man Free Comic Book Day one-shot. It looks supersweet.

Over at Newsarama (remember them?) They’ve got a preview of this year’s Marvel offering for FCBD, the best day of the year for comics fans, where you get comics for free! This year it’s a one-shot which teams Iron Man with Thor. It’s written by current Iron Man and forthcoming Thor writer Matt Fraction, and has art by the living legend that is John Romita Jnr, who is set to draw the new Avengers book which will star both characters, so it’s the flavour of the future! Check it out:


Thor is awesome!

That's some biblical shit right there


Oooh, satire.

Tony can be a dick sometimes

There’s also a preview for DC’s War of The Supermen book, and Dark Horse’s book, which is Solar and Magnus: Robot Fighter.

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Posted originally: 2010-03-03 07:33:57

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