Florida Super Comics with Superstars!


Super Comic Book Weekend is December 11-12. Meet Superstar Artists BRAD WALKER, JOSE DELBO, ALLEN BELLMAN & MORE!


…With the very recent Grand Opening of Florida SuperCon Store, the fans are treated to yet another great day in South Florida. Brad Walker, Martin Pierro, Manny Aguilera, Allen Bellman, George Moss, and Jose Delbo all were there. They were throughly enoying themselves as fans were asking questions, buying some art and were just marveling at the talents of these individuals. 

As always, SuperCon Mike was on hand meeting and greeting the customers and fans as they were making their way around the store.

Next event at FSC is: 

A SUPER COSPLAY CHRISTMAS at FSC Saturday December 18th

Check out some of the pictures that made it to InvestComics™ from today’s event. Don’t forget to check out this same cast tomorrow, minus Jose Delbo (prior commitment) at Past Present Future in West Palm Beach.


 Brad Walker helped build the Jamestown Bridge? Wow cool!



Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times




Jose Delbo



Manny Aguilera of Manny Cartoon



Legend Allen Bellman – Official web site right Here



George Moss of Gmossdesign



Brad Walker



…..And here are a couple of cool figures that at the store right now. We bought 6 figures for the boys as stocking stuffers!






See you all right back here on December 18th!


Jay Katz

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