Frank Frazetta: Kidnapped?

Frazetta family members will be holding a candle-light vigil to protest what they are calling the kidnapping of the legendary artist by the other side of the family.

After the death of Frazetta’s wife and business partner Ellie in 2009, Frazetta appointed Frazetta Management Corp as his legal executives. According to some sources, including the Pocono Record newspaper in the hometown of Frazetta’s mountain estate and museum, Frazetta has been suffering from dementia since December. Since that time, he has been living with three of his children at a location other than his estate in the Poconos. These are the known facts at this time.

The affair has set off a battle over the artist and his works, with son Frank Jr. being arrested for trying to steal 80 paintings from the Frazetta museum, or protect them from being sold against Frank Sr.’s wishes, depending on who you believe, and a divide forming in the Frazetta family. Now it seems that Frank Jr. and some siblings will be holding a candlelight vigil hoping for the artist to be returned to his estate in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, from which they claim he is being kept against his will.

Details about this story are sparse at the moment, but here is an excerpt from the post on the website organizing the vigil:

The Candle-light vigil to save Frank Frazetta & his Art Museum,  will be held at this residence of Lori & Frank Jr. Frazetta, this Friday evening, in front of their home, at 7:00pm EST.

The event is being hosted in conjunction with the original Frank Frazetta Museum Staff of Ellie & Frank Frazetta.

The vigil will only last 30 minutes to 1 hour long, so please be prompt if you are planning on attending.

You may want to show-up by 6:00pm or 6:30pm to meet & greet each other.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who may care to attend. Fans, Friends,  Pros, the Media etc.

Lori & Frank Frazetta Jr.’s home is located adjacent the Frank Frazetta Home Art Studio & Museum Estate at Marshall’s Creek, PA.

The Estate has sat empty since Frank’s disappearance on December 3rd, 2009.  Over 3 1/2 months ago.  The longest period Frank has ever been been away from his beloved property. Seen in the Documentary “Frazetta: Painting with Fire.”

Sadly, no one is permitted to access the actual Museum Estate grounds at this time, and must stay sole on Lori and Frank Jr.’s property. Their property-line will be indicated upon your arrival. But the Frank Frazetta Museum, it’s beautiful grounds and the lake that Frank Sr. built is still visible from their property.

The property is lonely without it’s Master. Frazetta’s museum, which once housed over 90 of his masterpieces was stripped bare over 3 months 1/2 ago. And Frazetta’s Home Art Studio was emptied of countless personal mementos, including photo’s and paintings of Ellie Frazetta.  We want these items returned to Frank so he can enjoy them.

It is Spring and we want to help bring Frank home now.

Here is your chance to make History.  All that is needed is 1/2 hour of your time plus some drive time ), to stand with a candle and show solidarity for Frank and the Museum in numbers. Frank is 82 years old now. Rumor has it that his captors want to commit him to a Hospice or Nursing Home in Florida. This is something that no one in Frank’s inner circle of supporters, staff and business associates agrees is necassary. 

Frank deserves to be back at the beautiful estate that he and Ellie built for him. Surrounded with artwork. Playing checkers with his 2 Twin Granddaughters Nicolle and Noelle, who you will meet this Friday Night. Along with William and Frank III. Frank’s Grandsons. We appeal for your support. This is a serious matter and Fandom and Friendship is needed.


Lori Frazetta

Frank Frazetta Jr.

William Frazetta

Frank Frazetta III

Nicole Frazetta

Noelle Frazetta

This is a peacful demonstration of concern and compassion for Frank Frazetta to immediately be permitted to return home to his estate, as he has repeatedly requested on the phone the past 3 1/2 months. And so far has been denied by his captors  ( 3 of his children .) The Media will be invited.

Here is an except from another post from this same website, which details this side of the kidnapping story:

Since the death of his wife, muse, manager and business partner Ellie Frazetta, the iron-willed Matriarch of the Frazetta clan, 82 year old Frank Frazetta must not have had a single moment to contemplate the loss. As his life’s work,  100 million dollar Fortune,  personal museum and 67 acre estate, have been the target of an alleged “orchestrated assault” by 3 of his own children, 2 collectors and their lawyer’s. And to make matters worse…by all accounts, the Master of Fantasy has been allegedly kidnapped.  And is now fighting for his very life.

What was originally surmised as Frazetta having “dementia” the 4 months before his abduction, which was widely reported in the press, is now allegedly being considered a classic case….of Stockholm Syndrome.

The last week of  the month of November, 2009 Frank Frazetta allegedly made a desperate plea in a phone call to his and Ellie Frazetta ( his recently deceased wife’s ) attorney, pleading to be “saved.”  $700,000.00 in prints and posters had been stolen by Billy Frazetta just the month prior ( documented by Poconos police ) from the main Frazetta Art Gallery’s warehouse ( managed by Frank Frazetta Jr. An original Frazetta Masterpiece painting: “Kane of the Golden Sea”, which was displayed in Frazetta’s museum for 10 years without incident, was now missing. Frazetta’s prized and archived intact sketch-books of pencil and ink drawings, preserved in the loft of his museum by Ellie Frazetta, had many of their pages torn-out.  Other original artwork was replaced with simple color xeroxes.  The King of Fantasy Art was crushed at the thefts and blatant betrayal. ”Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

As Frazatta examined the loss to his Museum, the concerned Museum Curator allegedly recalled Heidi ( Frazetta ) Grabin and Holly ( Frazetta ) Taylor previously arguing over who would end-up with which paintings, that currently hung in the Museum.  Allegedly at one point the two sisters had even fought physically and one had bitten the other on an arm breaking flesh. Blood supposedly oozed on to an original Frazetta masterwork. Witnesses allege Frank Frazetta had just had enough of this. And something had to be done.

In a last-ditch effort to re-gain control of his life, artwork and business affairs, after relying on the tenacity of Ellie Frazetta for well over 50 years to keep a protective wall built around him and his art,  Frazetta allegedly hurried to his local bank only to find 1.4 million dollars of his money ( including a million dollars that had just been paid by guitarist Kirk Hammett of the Rock Band Metallica, for an original Conan painting ) had been transferred, without his knowledge or approval, to a new corporation founded by the 3 children. Billy, Heidi and Holly. The attorney for this new company, had allegedly been presented to Frank and Ellie’s attorney as a “State-appointed Trustee attorney”, who was “only looking out for Frank’s interests.” But he was allegedly just a hired gun, retained by the 3 siblings. Who never had one mediation meeting between the 2 sides of the Family.

Allegedly Fearing for his life, according to many witnesses who are prepared to be deposed and testify in open court ( don’t worry you will learn the names soon enough here ),  Frazetta met with a local Notary and dictated ( due to the effects of a stroke on his writing hand ) a 10 pages detailed statement, stating among other shocking charges: “My children Heidi, Billy and Holly are stealing from me. And I am afraid for my life.” ( we are endeavoring to secure a copy of that statement as many of you have requested to post here. ) That same night, Frank Frazetta was allegedly, by numerous accounts, forcibly intoxicated ( Ellie did not let him drink or smoke after his strokes ) and possibly drugged ( according to witnesses outside of Frank Frazetta Jr. and his immediate family ) and allegedly put into a car,  driven to a local airport and forced to fly to Florida. One witness, a towering gentleman who looks like the God of Thunder “Thor”, was almost reduced to tears as he described what had just occured. Frank reluctantly leaving his beloved estate.

The post goes on with these claims, which cannot at this time be verified by any other source, and so should be taken with a grain of salt. The website from which these allegations come appears to have been started this month, and is clearly biased to one side of the argument, despite claims that it is not associated with either side of the Frazetta family.

Please draw your own conclusions from this.

The Outhouse will keep an eye on this story for any concrete developments.


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