From 52 to 51

So what is “From 52 to 51”

Well it’s quite simple really.

You see, with DC’s Relaunch and 52 titles, there is all but almost a certainty to happen. Actually I GUARENTEE this will happen! A Death. No not a character death.

So the question is asked……..


Understand that this is NO reflection on any of the creators that have worked very hard on these titles, but DO understand that ONE of these titles WILL in FACT be the FIRST causality. Like it or not.

Will it be I, Vampire?  Stormwatch? Red Hood and The Outlaws? Grifter? Mister Terrific? Men Of War? Static Shock? Voodoo? Resurrection Man?  Or will it be one of the other 43 titles not listed here?

What title will have the dubious distinction of bumping 52 to 51?

Let the guessing begin!
























22 thoughts on “From 52 to 51

  1. My guess is “all the above” with Men of War outlasting the first cut by a couple months.

    Issues will start to fall between issue 6-12 with cancellations done in “groups”, not one-by-one

    1. Yes you’re probably right that they may do it in groups, but you never know we could have that news that a “first” has gone down, then the rest will follow. I say “I, Vampire” takes the first leap.

  2. Oddly, I’m sorta intrigued by this new spin on I, Vampire. And, I’m a cynical bastard, so it’s gotta mean SOMETHING that I’m taking the positive route!

    I remember reading the original I, Vampire in my Dad’s comics. Plus, c’mon…it CAN’T be worse than the X-Men vs. Vampires story from a year or two ago! 🙂

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