Geoff Johns Talks About The Flash!

Writer Geoff Johns shares a few of his thoughts on the upcoming THE FLASH, from DC Comics!

Over at The Source,
DC’s blogger extraordinarie Alex Segura has posted his two-part
interview with Geoff Johns to hype next month’s THE FLASH #1.  A couple
of quotes:

From Part 1, posted yesterday:

AS: One of the biggest strengths in your work is
your ability to synthesize years of continuity and utilize the rich
histories of characters like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen to plant them
firmly in the modern day. So, what is it about Barry Allen that makes
him work today? What makes the character compelling to a new reader but
still connect with his legion of classic fans? How do you approach a
character that’s had so many twists and turns and boil it down to his

GJ: Well, I think the first issue does that. Who Barry Allen
is and why he does what he does is what the book is about first and
foremost. The only thing I can really say is that no matter how fast
Barry is, he can’t stop something that’s already happened. That’s
incredibly frustrating to him and it’s a big reason of why his life as
a criminal scientist is so important. He wants justice for those that
he wasn’t there to help.

And from Part 2, posted today:

AS: Going back a bit to Barry’s history — what are
the stories that stand out for you as the best examples of what you’re
trying to do with this chapter of THE FLASH? Did any in particular
provide some inspiration?

GJ: I don’t want to select a single story. It’s more the
inception of the character and the creation of a new age of heroes.
Barry Allen, for me, represents that optimism and forward thinking that
reignited superheroes in the first place. Our approach to the book
isn’t what a lot of people will expect, especially with that story
There are a lot of mysteries here and a lot of crimes to solve and
crimes to stop. There’s an exploration of speed and what it does to us
today, how we can succumb to it or be seduced by it. What do we have
time for in our “busy” lives? Are we really too busy we have to send
text messages instead of calling someone? Or is it easier to keep in
touch with our loved ones that way? Do we need more hours in the day or
do we need to stop overfilling up the hours we have? What is speed?
What is time? What does it all mean to us in our lives day-to-day and

Click on over to The Source for the rest of  Alex’s interview with Geoff, and to check out some previews of Francis Manapul’s art!

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