Get a first peek at Leinil Yu’s Ultimate Avengers work

Mark Millar has posted the Secret Invasion artist’s pencils for the 2nd arc of Ultimate Avengers up, and it looks top-notch.

Mark Millar and Carlos Pacheco’s Ultimate Avengers is going strong, with #3 out today, but would you like to see some of Leinil Francis Yu’s pencils for the 2nd storyline? Of course you do. Mark Millar posted a page on Millarworld :

Ultimate Avengers... Assemble!

Sweet huh? You’ve got Nick Fury and Hawkeye, along with the new Black Widow, the new African-American Hulk, a more superheroic Punisher, and someone who I assume is James Rhodes out of costume. Yu’s art is looking amazing here. I can’t wait. I think this story starts in March 2010, we’ll update y’all.
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Posted originally: 2009-10-28 18:20:58

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