Get a Sneak Peak at Diamond’s June Previews

Diamond’s press release for their next issue of Previews (for books shipping in August) reveals the cover to Guardians of the Globe, amongst other things.

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (May 12, 2010) — Many writers have offered their own take on the classic origin of Superman. The scribe entrusted with DC Comics’ ongoing Superman, Wonder Woman, and Brave and the Bold series, J. Michael Straczynski now teams with superstar artist Shane Davis to tell The Man of Steel’s origin story as never before with DC’s SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE HARDCOVER, spotlighted as the front cover of June’s PREVIEWS (APR100001J), the comic shops’ catalog.

The 136-page Superman: Earth One launches a whole new line of original, stand-alone graphic novels from DC Comics, which will modernize and re-imagine the stories of the publisher’s most iconic characters. Set in an all-new continuity entirely different from DC’s ongoing comics, Superman: Earth One is thus a book that should appeal to anyone interested in Superman, regardless of whether or not they’ve followed comics recently.

June PREVIEWS’ back cover features Image Comics’ GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE #1, the start of a six-part series spinning out of the publisher’s best-selling Invincible comic book. Fan-favorite writer Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead) is joined by fellow wordsmith Benito Cereno and artist Ransom Getty for this new title, which finds the ranks of the all-important Guardians of the Globe depleted. With the Viltrumite War raging on in the pages of Invincible, it’s essential that new recruits be found and readied to save the world.

June PREVIEWS Editorial Features:

Featured Theme
“Comics’ Greatest Fathers” – On June 20, 2010, families will once again come together to celebrate Father’s Day, marking the 100th anniversary of the holiday. PREVIEWS celebrates in its own way this year by spotlighting some of the best dads to ever help raise a comic character. Find out if the fictional fathers on your list end up on ours. Plus, a sidebar feature is dedicated to the funny fathers of pop culture.

Thomas Jane – This month’s creator feature spotlights Thomas Jane, the actor that also happens to be the founder of RAW Studios, publisher of Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm 3000. This month’s PREVIEWS catalog offers trade paperbacks collecting both series, prompting Jane to share his current comic reading list with us in this month’s IndieEdge.

Sneak Peeks
In June, comic fans are given previews of Dark Horse Comics’ Magnus, Robot Fighter #1, DC/Vertigo’s A Sickness in the Family and The Green Woman hardcovers, and Image’s Guardians of the Globe #1, Morning Glories #1, Murderland #1, Nancy in Hell #1, the Seedless graphic novel, and the Sullivan’s Sluggers graphic novel.

Plus: Staff Picks, our Top 100 Comics and Bestseller Charts, and much more!

June PREVIEWS’ Hottest Items

June PREVIEWS’ Gems of the Month

The Gems of the Month from June’s catalog include: Dark Horse Comics’ Magnus, Robot Fighter #1 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed GN Volume 2, DC Comics’ Superman: Earth One hardcover and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1, IDW Publishing’s Dungeons & Dragons #0, Image Comics’ Guardians of the Globe #1 and Morning Glories #1, Marvel Comics’ Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #1, and Wizard Entertainment’s Wizard #229.

June’s PREVIEWS Exclusives

This month, we’re offering a new batch of PREVIEWS Exclusives (PX), items you can only order through PREVIEWS, including: Changes’ Halo: Reach Logo Black T-Shirt; Mad Engine’s Captain America: Normandy Invasion Black T-Shirt, Ghostbusters: Face It Black T-Shirt, Jamie Madrox: Multiple Man Green T-Shirt, Lego Star Wars: Fett Flight Black T-Shirt, Star Wars Logo Red T-Shirt, and X-Men Untamed Navy T-Shirt; and Titan Publishing’s Lenore: Cooties Color Edition Hardcover.

All this and more is waiting in the June issue of PREVIEWS, which hits your local comic shop on Wednesday, May 26st at a cover price of $4.50.

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Source: Diamond (Reprinted with Permission)
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