Godzilla Raids Hollywood Again!!

Legendary Pictures will be teaming up with Warner Brothers (who’ll co-produce and

finance) to launch a new Godzilla film.

Reported last August by Bloody
Disgusting that a Godzilla film was within development via Legendary Pictures, it was
finally revealed today that indeed such a film will be released in 2012. Even
more, Toho will even be releasing the film exclusively in Japan.

This reporter must wonder if the
movie does good or bad, is it inevitable that a new run of Godzilla
films from Toho will follow on the heels of the American film? After
all, a year after the first American attempt failed to live up to
expectations, Toho started off the Millennium Era of Godzilla

Source: Variety

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Posted originally: 2010-03-29 16:27:24

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