Gorilla-Man mini-series!

The Gorilla revival in comics continues, as the star of Agents Of Atlas gets his own 3-issue series in July.

Gorillas were a big deal back in the Silver Age, Julie Schwartz knew they were money in the bank, but by the Bronze Age, they’d gone out of fashion, but now… they’re back in full force! Congorilla is on the JLA, and now Gorilla-Man, arguably the breakout star of Agents Of Atlas is getting his own 3-issue mini-series, from Atlas writer Jeff Parker, and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo. The series kicks off in July, and CBR have an interview with Parker.

It’s one story, dealing with his past. You saw in brief how he ended up with the Gorilla-Man curse, but you didn’t see how he got to that point.

This in many ways homages work like Roy Crane’s "Captain Easy" and the Caniff/Sickles "Terry and the Pirates."With a dash of Indiana Jones for good measure.

One of the most fun is what we start off with; the conglomerate cyborg host of the notorious European family, The Borgias! Also, in addition to odd guest stars that you don’t see in modern comics every day, Atlas readers will see "the human side" of our favorite Dragon advisor, Mr. Lao!

I can’t wait for this, Agents Of Atlas is a great book, and Gorilla-Man is probably the best character in the book. I’m sorry Jubilee, but talking animals can be awesome!

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Posted originally: 2010-04-08 09:05:31

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