Grant Morrison working on BBC series with Paul McGuigan and Stephen Fry

Comics’ greatest mad bald scotsman is working on a TV show with Director Paul McGuigan and all-round legend Stephen Fry.

Over at , they’ve got an interview with Paul McGuigan, the director of such films as Push, Gangster No.1 and Lucky Number Slevin, who confirmed that he is working on a new series for the BBC with comics’ very own Grant Morrison, which will star actor/comedian/presenter/writer/twitterer Stephen Fry. McGuigan describes the series like this:

Yeah Grant Morrison and myself are working on, I wouldn’t call it a
secret project, but a project with Stephen Fry and it’s a thriller set
in Scotland. Me and Grant have been friends for a while and we wanted
to do something together and Grant went off and wrote a treatment, so
it’s at the treatment stage at the moment.

It’s seven episodes. It takes place over seven days around an event
that happens in Scotland. It’s a modern take on an old fable or fairy
story. If you know Grants work you might have an idea of what it will
be like. It’s like Twin Peaks meets Brigadoon! It’s off the wall and
smart but in a watchable commercial way. It’s still in the early stages
but I’m very excited about it.

Cool beans!

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Posted originally: 2010-02-25 12:09:09

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