Greg Weisman on the Disney Buying Marvel

Greg Weisman, creator of Gargoyles (and current writer of the comic published by Slave Labor) and executive producer/writer of The Spectacular Spider-Man has commented about the two particular properties on his blog given the Disney buying Marvel news today.   

Here’s what Weisman has to say on Gargoyles comic that’s currently published by Slave Labor and The Spectacular Spider-Man with Sony (though it currently airs on Disney XD). I highlighted the important bits of what he says:

Okay, in the period of just a few days, I have been rocked by two incredible pieces of news.

1. Last Thursday (8/27/09), Vic Cook and I were informed that in exchange for some concession vis-a-vis the live action Spider-Man features, Sony returned the television rights (including the animated television rights) for Spider-Man to Marvel. This took place the day before ComicCon, I’m told. But I was only informed of it this past week.

2. Today (8/31/09) comes the news that Disney has purchased Marvel outright.

NOW, before you ask — before you post a thousand duplicate and/or overlapping questions to ASK GREG — let me be clear: I have NO IDEA what this means for either Gargoyles or The Spectacular Spider-Man. Neither of these developments are by definition good news or bad news. Shocking news, sure. But how it will play out for either or both properties is a complete mystery to me. As soon as I have ANY information on either property, I will post it here at ASK GREG. Until then, don’t ask. Seriously. Just don’t. There’s just no point in bogging down the queue with questions I have no answer to. Thank you for your cooperation.

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