Heroes: One New Cast Member and One Death

Todd Stashwick joins the cast, and one longtime cast member will die.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Todd Stashwick, formerly of "The Riches," will play a recurring role on NBC’s "Heroes."  Stashwick will play Eli, a member of the traveling carnival which plays a major role in this season’s storyline.  Eli is reported to have close ties to the carnival’s ringleader, Samuel, who is played by Robert Knepper.

In other "Heroes" news, E! Online reports that a major cast member will die this season.  Allegedly, this is not what I call a "Nathan death."  E! Online claims that the character who will leave this mortal coil is male, a member of the original cast, and that the death is "huge."  This could mean any of the following players: Peter, Nathan (kinda), Syler, Hiro, Ando, Noah, Matt, the Haitian, Mohinder, or Micah.  The last two have not appeared this season.  This being a "huge" death, the Haitian is likely out.  Hiro is the strong bet, as he is already dying, but Nathan has managed to "die" at the end of every season, so he is a strong bet.  Sure, he’s currently "dead," but at this point he’s come back more times than Jean Grey. 

Place your bets!

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Posted originally: 2009-10-14 10:10:09

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