Heroes Rise and Villains Return: New Comics Hitting Shelves This Week

This week’s InvestComics Hot Picks. New releases set for Wednesday 6-29-24.

Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1. The DC Universe is under siege, and with Waller unleashing Failsafe, Brainiac Queen, and the Suicide Squad, no hero is safe. Watch as Mark Waid, Chip Zdarsky, Nicole Maines, and Joshua Williamson bring cataclysmic changes right to your favorite heroes’ doorsteps! In Daredevil #10, Hell’s Kitchen heats up as Daredevil confronts supernatural forces that threaten everything he holds dear. His greatest foe returns, promising a showdown that could be his last. Hellverine #2 cranks up the heat as Logan faces off against Project Hellfire’s renegade team of Hellfire-Fueled Warriors. It’s claw versus chaos in a battle that could spell doom for Earth in the second issue of what could be Marvel’s next hottest hero. Thanos Annual #1 kicks off the Infinity Watch event. As Thanos hunts for the Infinity Stones, he finds them in the most unexpected of hosts. A cosmic surprise awaits, leaving the Marvel Universe teetering on the brink…..again. Wolverine Madripoor Knights #5 delves deep into Madripoor’s darkness. As The Hand’s plans for Black Widow unfold, Wolverine and Captain America race against time in a narrative Chris Claremont has been crafting for over thirty years.

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Zatanna Bring Down The House #1 sees everyone’s favorite magician in a Vegas showdown that’s less about cards and more about surviving demonic attacks. When her past catches up with her, Zatanna finds that some tricks aren’t so easy to escape. Travel back to the rails with Batman The Brave And The Bold #14, where Nightwing and Deadman encounter a spine-chilling new villain amidst their thrilling train ride adventure. X-Men Blood Hunt – Magik #1 follows Illyana Rasputina as she returns to Russia only to face a vampire army threatening to turn her homeland into a vampire state. It’s a fight between mutant magic and the undead! Blood Squad Seven #2 dives into the trials of reviving a superhero team, with a flashback featuring the original Savage Dragon that’s bound to stir some superpowered dust. Gatchaman #1 revives the classic Japanese animated series in a new comic form. The Science Ninja Team Gatchaman faces off against mechanical menaces and sinister plots by Galactor, pushing them to their limits.

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