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1aa1HESKEHORRORlogo“Oh, the Horror!!”…HESKE HORROR to unleash “UNREST” micro-budget film in 2011

InvestComics™ web columnist and friend Bob Heske has written a micro budget horror film which he will produce and film in Spring/Summer of 2011.

Bob is spending more than $25 thousand from personal assets to make the film, and is approaching investors and using crowd funding to pay for the rest (the film’s budget is $200,000).

Click the cool speed art video (by artist David Edwards, who contributed to Bob’s 2012: FINAL PRAYER book) to hear what it’s all about.

To read the press release, click here.
To visit his indiegogo.com page, click here.
Bob will keep us posted on his progress with IndieCreator exclusives periodically over the next 9 months.

He’s offering some great perks on indiegogo. If you are unable to contribute … no worries! Just please share the link with horror fans and family: http://www.indiegogo.com/UNREST

Bob will also be providing some updates regarding new cast and crew attached to the project.

Help him out and spread the word!

— Jay Katz, Founder, InvestComics™
Robert M. Heske
Managing Director
cell: 508.868.3116

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