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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics and Best Cover Art out this Wednesday 9-1-21.

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Web…..#32 (1987)

The Amazing Spider-Man #73 – The plot really thickens with this new release. So much so that Marvel says it cannot preview the storyline. We can’t wait to see what they couldn’t talk about.  
Shang-Chi #4 – Have you seen the new movie yet? Looks entertaining! Well, this Hot Pick has nothing to do with the movie, but more to do with Spider-Man. (Spidey is featured quite a bit in this article this week). The cover shows the first appearance of Spider-Man with a new costume and Chi power. Probably the only time we’ll ever see that again, but you never know! And it’s still a first. (We think).   
Batman #112 – First appearance alert! Peacekeeper X!  
Defenders #2 – Dive into the birthplace of Galactus. More origin stuff regarding the big purple guy. With so many rumors surrounding the arrival of the Fantastic Four from Disney, there will be many Galactus rumors following as well. Stay on top of this character now to avoid any rush later. 
Ka-Zar: Lord Of The Savage Land #1 – Marvel tries their hand at another Ka-Zar comic for the umpteenth time. This debut features some first appearances and NEW powers possessed by Ka-Zar. We’re in! They get us all the time, don’t they? Writer Zac Thompson and artist German Garcia. It’ll be a solid creative debut. One more thing. The cover, from artist Jesus Saiz, borrows from Michael Zeck’s Web Of Spider-Man #32 from 1987. The classic Kraven-saga Spider-Man cover has been paid homage countless times over the years. Mr. Saiz captures it well here. 

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Ka-Zar #1
Amazing Spm #73
Batman #112
Defenders #2
Shang-Chi #4

Conan The Barbarian #25 – Although the issue number here says number 25, it’s actually Conan’s 300th. Adding up all of the restarts, original stories, it adds up to 300. Would be nice to just stop with the number one issues and relaunches and let these series’ just continue. Yes, number one issues bring the cash in for the publishers, but the original numbering is more special. In our humble opinion. For the special occasion, Marvel tapped some top creatives to contribute to this comic. Also, a tribute cover to Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962). A funny thing here,  Ka-Zar: Marvel Tales #1 releasing this week, also features a homage to Amazing Fantasy #15. So if you are looking at the new comic releases at your local comic shop, you’re not seeing double. You’re seeing triple.
Extreme Carnage Toxin #1 – More new host, possible first appearances here.
Black Manta #1 – When did fans ever really clamor for a solo Black Manta comic? Probably never, but maybe DC’s copyright is set to expire again? So here is another Black Manta number one issue.

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Conan #25 (300)
Black Manta #1
Extreme Toxin #1
Ka-Zar Tales #1

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