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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics and Best Cover Art out this Wednesday 10-6-21.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #75 – Another life-changing moment for everyone’s favorite web-slinger will occur here. Maybe not exactly this particular issue, but the story either begins its “big turn” or happens here. Read away and find out what is in store. 
Batman #114 – The DC brass is obviously ALL-in on the most recent Batman villain(s), Peacekeeper and Peacekeeper-X. The push is real. Our thought here is more of an aesthetic look at things more so than that of the actual character itself. Marvel (Disney) just wrapped up their shooting of the new Moon Knight series coming out soon (early next year?). The obvious traits, the overall look here of the Peacekeeper feels like a Moon Knight rip a little. Well, maybe not a little, but a lot. Not to say the character still doesn’t achieve its own identity in some way, but the initial reaction to any comic fan would be, will be, is, hey that looks like Moon Knight! So, what really. DC Comics marketing is hitting the right stride here though. When Marvel’s Moon Knight character literally becomes a household name and its popularity level hits levels not seen before, DC has their Peacemaker character to invite eyeballs to see a similar looking bad-ass that has zero to do with Moon Knight, but got you to look! Is it a coincidence this lookalike is arriving now? Maybe, but we lean more on the side of knowing the future market of a Disney+ show about to explode out of the seems and trying anything to get a fraction of a piece somehow. Nothing wrong with this at all, just an observation here. Go Peacemaker! And Peacemaker-X! Oh yes, one more thing about this comic, a newer character named Clownhunter faces a life-changing direction already.  
Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1A 100-page comic celebrating 80 years of Wonder Woman. A massive array of talent visits. Probably a lot of creators drawing and writing Wonder Woman for the first time.
DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #1 – A DC horror story introducing the “Soul Plumbers”. Okay. 
Dark Ages #2 – Marvel continues their trek into their new dark universe.  
Out #1
– New series from Artists, Writers & Artisans. Writer Rob Williams and artist Will Conrad.

Spidey #75
Batman #114
Dark Ages #2
…..Plumber #1
Out #1
WW 80th

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Star Wars War Of The Bounty Hunters #5 – The series finale and Marvel promises this comic will change the Star Wars landscape as we all know it. Writer Charles Soule delivers on storytelling like he always does, so we are not doubtful in the least of this promise. Art by Luke Ross.
Jennifer Blood #1 – New Dynamite series from writer Fred Van Lente and artist Vincenzo Federici. Jennifer Blood first appeared in her self-titled series in 2011.  
Arkham City The Order Of The World #1 – First appearance(s) alert. Check out this comic for a multitude of debuts. Writer Dan Watters and artist Dani are responsible for words and pictures. 
Chicken Devil #1 – AfterShock Comics debuts a new character, Chicken-Devil! Writer Brian Buccellato and artist Hayden Sherman.
Nubia And The Amazons #1 – Nabia receives her own title. Introductions are all over these pages, so keep an eye out on this one. 

……Hunters #5
Jennifer Blood #1
Jennifer 2011
Nubia #1
Arkham World #1
Chicken Devil #1

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