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Action Comics #1061And here is a fantastic way to begin this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks. Superstar writer Jason Aaron will write his very first Superman comic ever. He’ll be joined by artist John Timms. Jason will re-introduce us to a new Bizzaro. “The most dangerous version of Bizzaro the world has ever seen.” That’s a DC Comics quote. And that Jorge Jimenez variant cover is one of the most provocative Superman covers in recent history. Love it love it love it.  
Ultimate Spider-Man #1 – It’s hard to believe that the Ultimate Marvel Universe was introduced 24 years ago. The UltimateVerse was first introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man #1 in 2000. Well, not so much the UltimateVerse, but the start of the Marvel Ultimate Universe. So, yeah, maybe it was the true start of it, right? Yes, yes it was. That was a good talk, thanks for that! Anyway, writer Brian Michael Bendis was the mastermind behind starting the Marvel UltimateVerse and man was it a smash hit. Now Marvel is trying to grab lightning in a bottle once again. Is the comic book community ready for it? Will there be another Miles Morales moment like we had with Ultimate Comics much later on? Probably not, but never say never, right? For now, we have the here and now. Only the second volume, hard to believe, of the Ultimate Spider-Man title. Writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Marco Checchetto, and Marvel Comics, all promise to bring the Ultimate Spider-Man to a level never seen before. What this entails is a mystery. Your guess would be as good as ours. We are looking forward to the start of the new Marvel Ultimate Universe starting right here in this Spidey book…….again.
A CGC 9.8 Ultimate Spider-Man #1 sold for $450 in November of 2023.   

Captain Marvel #4 – Another ROM variant cover this week. This one is from artist David Marquez. 
Sentry #2 – Find out who the new Sentry is. We’re 100% sure it won’t be actor Steven Yeun.  
Wolverine #41 – Wolverine vs. Sabretooth. Yes, please.  
Disney Villains Cruella De Vil #1 – These Disney Villain comics are awesome. Not only great storytelling and art, but these comics are giving most of the villains their first-ever solo comics. Writer Sweeney Boo (hell yeah) and artist Miriana Puglia.

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Rebel Moon: House Of The Blood Axe #1Well Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon finally hit, to much of the chagrin to many but to many that liked it as well. We say a 50/50 split from our vantage point. If you saw it differently, we don’t care. What we do care about is the fact that Zack Snyder has explained that the first film was an explanatory one. When you think about it, it makes sense. It’s hard to introduce that many characters in a new universe without having to explain everything away. Were there elements of Star Wars, Dune and so many other visuals and story points involved? Yes, no, probably, but who gives a f***? Seriously, we take things as they are and enjoy things and not rip them apart at the first chance we get. Too much negativity and it’s so easy to criticize in today’s climate. People sh** on everything every chance they get. Unhappy about everything. Lighten up, breathe, and enjoy things for what they are. So yeah, we’re done ranting at the naysayers in the back.
If Rebel Moon ever becomes the potential force it can become, this release here (from Titan Comics) will be the first-ever comic book release under the Rebel Moon umbrella. Think Marvel Comics Star Wars #1 here. Yes, not too much the same because Star Wars had solidified its place in the sci-fi world already, but the epic tone. If Rebel Moon ever hits a crazy fan-base level, these comics will be sought after. All of these characters will be making their first appearances throughout the series that is set to take place before the film. Partially written by Zack Snyder himself and Mags Vissagio. There will be a few variant covers upon its release.
Who knows where this new universe is truly headed? For now, we think if you hated it, disliked it, or whatever negative, give it a chance once the second film arrives. Until then, you may want to get in on the ground floor with some prequel action this Wednesday.         

Rise Of The Powers Of X #1
– The villainy of Krakoa is nearing its conclusion. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist R.B. Silva. 
Blood Widow #1 – This new offering from Absolute Comics arrives with some variants, each nicer than the next. Of course “Widow” artist extraordinaire; Jamie Tyndall is involved, so look for those variants especially. The NYCC 2023 variant covers are absolutely (no pun intended) stellar too. You can find the NYCC variants right HERE. Some of the covers are a bit adult-oriented, so click at your own risk. Blood Widow is not a new character. Her first appearance was in White Widow #4 in 2020. 
Spider-Gwen Smash #2 – The new series continues as first appearance(s) are still very much alive to happen. 
Giant Size Spider-Man (2024) #1 – It’s Venom vs. Miles Morales.
Titans: Beast World #4
– A Titan may die in this issue. Are all of the first appearances done with this DC event? Maybe, maybe not. Better check all of those “Beast World” event comics.
Daredevil Gang War #2 – Look for possible first appearances here as the Gang War rages on. 
Star Wars #42 – Luke seeks out a Sith to survive. He’ll have to be trained in this way to battle Darth Vader.
Adventureman Ghost Lights #1 – New story from Matt Fraction and artists Terry & Rachel Dodson.

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