Hot Comics This Week 9-1-21

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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics and Best Cover Art out this Wednesday 9-1-21.

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Avengers #48 – The She-Hulk is officially the “Red She-Hulk” as she takes on Gorilla-Man. Did you know the original Gorilla-Man first appeared 67 years ago in Men’s Adventures #26 from Altlas Comics. There are few and far between sold Men’s Adventures comics on eBay. Most are reader copies and selling for very affordable prices. These are extremely old comics though, selling on the cheap, original Atlas Comics no less. A raw copy of Men’s Adventures #15 in 4.0 condition sold for only $8.99. That’s a 1952 comic for nine bucks. Sweet. We would report on sales regarding the first appearance of Gorilla-Man, but there are zero sales and zero copies available. The hoarders are holding out! Just joking. 
Dark Ages #1 – DC Comics had tremendous success with their “dark” stories over the past few years, Injustice and The Batman Who Laughs. The success never prompted Marvel to create a new version or a new tale of their dark universe in the current alternate timeline. Well, that all changes this Wednesday. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Iban Coello will begin the new Marvel Dark Ages chapter. With the success of DC’s dark characters, doom and gloom, Marvel will have their own success here. And who is that on the variant cover?  

Avengers #48
Men’s Adventures #26
Dark Ages #1
Dark Ages #1 variant

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Click on ALL Red-Highlighted LINKS, comic covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers.

Red Sonja #1 – Dynamite Comics promises to really change things up for the Red Sonja character in this all-new ongoing series.
Batman Fear State Alpha #1 –  A new epic Batman tale from writer James Tynion IV. Illustrations from Riccardo Federici.
Harley Quinn 2021 Annual #1 – From what can see, it seems as though there are two new characters being introduced in these pages. One is a definite, with DC calling him/her “a major new Bat-villain.” 
Demon Days Cursed Web #1 – Artist/writer Peach Momoko continues her complete creative control within the Demon Days realm. A completely new take on the X-Men and mutant world.

Harley Quinn Annual 2021
Demon Days Cursed Web #1
Batman Fear State Alpha #1
Red Sonja #1

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