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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 1-18-23.
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Alien #5Disney continues to create their own Alien franchise universe, as they continue to do so with their Predator franchise as well. We don’t know how many times we have to repeat this to our regular readers, but buying the early entries of a new Disney franchise is probably a good thing. If you’re a new reader, you’re welcome too.  
Nightwing #100 – A celebratory anniversary issue with top artists joining in on the fun. 
How I Became A Shoplifter #1 – An interesting premise here as we follow a group of criminals on a year-by-year basis, but with a twist. The story begins when the thugs are younger, then we follow them from 1996 to 2003. What will change once they discover that technology can help them steal better? Or do any illegal activities. A Sumerian Comics release.     
Avengers Forever #13 – The most powerful Wolverine to ever exist is back from the future. He’s not bringing Doc with him either. Thor’s granddaughters have brought him back to help with the fight, as readers receive the big reveal regarding the Avenger Prime. Side note, the Howard The Duck “Demonized” variant cover is dope. It would be fantastic to get a real Howard series with him as a demon, no? We need this in our lives. We’d back it. And that cover would be his first appearance too. Stranger things have happened. Netflix, step aside, we weren’t talking to you. 
Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 – We touched on the “Lazarus Planet” comics last week. Look for first appearances throughout the DC event and changes to your favorite characters as well. 

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Wasp #1 – Writer Al Ewing on this one, that’s a yes from us. And Kasia Nie will supply the pictures.
Lucky #1 – New Tim Seeley release from Keenspot. 
Batman One Bad Day – Bane #1 – A new Bane story from Joshua Williamson (writer) and artist Howard Porter. These “One Bad Day” stories from DC Comics have been interesting reads and very well put together. Expect a super interest in the Bane story here. The covers alone will have fans buying them. 
DCeased War Of The Undead Gods #6Jeff Spokes NWA homage variant cover is fire.

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Marvel Comics will continue their homage variant covers this Wednesday with a few goodies we dig. As we stated last week, most of the homage cover art turned in strikes a remarkable resemblance to their respected original cover. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in the least, but adding your own flavor/art style to the cover would be nice, no? However, this week, we notice a bit more of the artist’s own style, which we really like.  Last week we placed the covers side by side and let you see what we are pointing out. Maybe you don’t see it, that’s cool too. Art is subjective, so no wrong or right here. We are still enjoying the homage covers either way.

Bob Layton 1979
Esad Ribic 2023
Mark Bagley 1993
J. Tyler C. 2023
John Buscema 1968
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