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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 1-4-23.
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Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #8Here’s a good way to start things off, the first appearance of M.O.D.O.C. That’s with the letter C and not the letter K. So what makes this villain so much different than the villain with the K? Guess we’ll find out on Wednesday. 
Scarlet Witch #1 – Writer Steve Orlando will bring fans into the new Scarlett Witch era. With superstar Sara Pichelli onboard, we’re all onboard as well. This will definitely be a pickup on Wednesday.  
Joe Fixit #1 – This Hulk Joe Fixit character was first introduced in 1988’s Incredible Hulk #347. A CGC 9.8 grade sold recently for $171. That’s a decent return for a non-factor character making no indelible mark within the Marvel Universe really. Returning the Grey Hulk maybe has its proverbial impact, but a Las Vegas enforcer….um okay. So, here’s the return of the original creator, writer Peter David, with a Joe Fixit series to show us how badass he is. Will this be a Year One type story? Will we find out more background on the Bruce Banner persona we know little about? Hopefully. It’ll be interesting to get details from Mr. David because he’s good at details. As for the actual character himself having a bigger role within the Marvel U, who knows really? Maybe that $171 isn’t such a bad price after all? Actually, raw copies are available on the cheap in some spots. Maybe hit on a nice crispy copy and you’re good.     
Batman #131With the latest new Batman villain out of the way (Failsafe), writer Chip Zdarsky turns his attention directly onto Bruce Wayne, the man. DC selected this wording to describe the upcoming story “Whatever happened to the man known as Bruce Wayne?” While the dramatic copy is there to entice the possible sale, it brings us back to 1997’s Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? This comic, written by Alan Moore, is one of the greatest Superman comic stories, ever. We’re not suggesting Chip is under that knife to meet that tall order from the legend Mr. Moore, but the copy does suggest we may get a deep story into Bruce’s soul. Maybe this is Mr. Zdarsky’s moment in the sense readers and collectors alike will receive a story for the ages. We’re here for it no matter what, Chip is a fantastic storyteller and we’re confident something special will come out of it. 

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Children Of The Black Sun #1 – A new horror story from writer Dario Sicchio and artist Letizia Cadonici. An Ablaze Comics release. 
Monkey Prince #10 – The secret origin of Marcus Sun, plus a killer Bernard Chang cover.
Unnatural Blue Blood #5 – More random Spawn variant covers this week, here’s one from artist Ennio Bufi.  
Trojan #1Publisher; Artist, Writers, and Artisans continue to release quality stories. A new horror/fantasy from writer Daniel Kraus and artists Laci Lesko and Marco Lesko. They’re related, right? No? Someone let us know. Actually not important at all. Just having fun.
Happy 2023 everyone!

Click on ALL Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).










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