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The Flash #2The first appearance of The Stillness. 
Action Comics #1058
– We learn more about the character Norah Stone and the return of Super-Man of China. 
Predator Vs. Wolverine #2 – As this story continues, the Predator character dives deeper into the confines of the Marvel Universe. We’ve explained this numerous times on our pages, this is the early onset of the alien being making his indelible mark within the MCU. How long, we think not that long, will it be until comic fans witness the baldest Marvel alien in their universe to battle it out with Predator? Venom. How about a three-way brawl between Venom, Predator, and Alien? This will eventually happen. Whether it’s a mono y mono or a three-way bout, it will occur eventually. When it does, realize it all started in this story here. Yes, this Wolverine duel is not canon, but it’s the start of something bigger later on. When Marvel officially brings the Predator into their realm, it’s going to set off interest here because, although another world story, everything is now connected somehow. Heed our warning with this. When the Predator pops up in a Marvel film or TV show, this series will pop off.   
The Amazing Spider-Man #36 – Marvel says to Spider-Man fans to prepare for the “Spidey tales for the ages”. It all started last issue as this issue puts Spider-Man in the “darkest” place he’s ever been. Let’s see where writer Zen Wells and artist Ed McGuinness take us.   
Gone #1 – A new sci-fi series written and drawn by fan favorite, Jock. A DSTLRY publishing release.  
Alpha Flight #3 – This issue will explain, who is the new Nemesis. We thought it was the Mark Millar character! Nah, just playing, let’s see where Marvel takes us with THEIR Nemesis.    
Marvel Zombies Black, White & Blood #1 – We thoroughly enjoy the “Black, White, & Red” series no matter which character is headlining. The stories are always accompanied by top-tier talents. Marvel’s three-color series will present a bit of a twist with the introduction of “blood” instead of the color red. The Marvel Zombies receive the 3 color treatment with superstar writer Garth Ennis at the helm. Oh hell yes. Artist Rachael Stott joins in on the blood-soaked tales.   

Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).





Edenwood #1A new Image Comics series from writer/artist Tony S. Daniel. 
Uncanny Spider-Man #2 – The second appearance of the newest Spider-Man mash-up character.
Captain America #2 – A possible first appearance lurks here, so keep on top of this one.
Amazons Attack! #1 – This DC premiere series will focus more on the women of Amazon and not Wonder Woman. Writer Josie Campbell and artist Vasco Georgiev. 
Hallow’s Eve The Big Night #1 – We’ve yet to truly figure out the obsession Marvel has with this character. Since being introduced this January, yes that’s less than ten months ago, she’s had more variant covers AND a solo series already. A quick “Hallow’s Eve” eBay search will return over 1,200+ results. As said, a ton of variant covers, and also this one arriving this Wednesday. What is up with that? A graded CGC 9.8 first appearance, Amazing Spider-Man #14, sold for $99 recently. Really? Yes, really. We know we gave you a heads-up on this character, but we really hope you cashed in. Marvel may have bigger plans for Hallow’s Eve than they are letting on because they sure are giving her a lot of coverage.    
The Miracles #1 – A double-sized debut issue from an independent label; Comics Experience. Writer Joe Glass and artist Vince Underwood. 
Captain Marvel #1 – Marvel will bring a new creative team to a “newer/fresher” Captain Marvel character. Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Jan Bazaldua are said to introduce readers to a “glowing” newly designed Cap. They’ll also introduce some new villains as well, whether that happens here or in future issues is anyone’s guess, but we like the feel of things already and we’re jumping on board now.  
Empath #1 – A new series from Indie label, Blackbox Comics. Writer Brian Hawkins and artist Debora Carita. 

Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).







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