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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 3-8-23.
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Star Wars Bounty Hunters #32 – The previous issue introduced fans to the first appearance of the Inferno Squad. This week will be their first appearance on a cover. That’s a keeper.
Silver Surfer Ghost Light #2Marvel is setting up for the long game here. Silver Surfer will eventually appear in a Marvel Universe movie and they want to make fans super interested in the character again by introducing a new badass into the Surfer realm. This series is setting up to be an interesting one, so stay on top of it.  
The Adventures Of Superman Jon Kent #1 – A new series from writer Tom Taylor and artist Clayton Henry. There’s a first appearance within these pages. A ton of very nice variants are available for this debut book. Some of the covers are featured in our Best New Comic Books Covers This Week 3-8-23 post. Check it out.  
Predator #1 – The only thing that’ll really wreck the interest in the Predator or Alien comics are the constant relaunches. Besides that, as a speculator, you really have to stay on top of both of those franchises within the Disney comic book world. With filming about to begin for Disney’s version of Aliens (eventually Predator), who knows what direction they’ll take it, but who’s to say they won’t borrow from their comic book stories either? Maybe a major movie character is actually inside the pages of the comics Marvel/Disney is providing. Maybe a new version of a Predator or a new Alien. Anything is possible because Disney owns Marvel and it’s their bag. They’ll see fit to how they want this to all play out.  
Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo #5 – Artist Whilce Portacio provides a connecting cover variant that is out of this world. We connected the comics for you to enjoy. 
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1 – Laura Kinney is back! Writer/artist Erica Schultz.
Monkey Prince #12 – Learn an important part of the main character’s origin in this issue.

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Nightcrawlers #2We gave you a heads-up on the debut issue, and we’ll do it again. Every issue will probably feature a first appearance. This series from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Andrea DiVito will deliver the goods. 
The Amazing Spider-Man #21 – The variant Disney cover features the first appearance of Goofy as the Incredible Hulk. 
Stoneheart #1 – Introducing the title character in a new series, from writer/artist Emma Kubert. 
New Mutants Lethal Legion #1 – Writer Charlie Jane Anders and artist Enid Balam take the New Mutants onto another level. Look for first appearances throughout the series. 
Mary Jane & Black Cat #4 – The Russell Dauterman cover is definitely an eye-catcher. So many different versions of Black Cat. Is there a first appearance lurking in there somewhere?
Black Panther #15 – The end of the John Ridley run. It’s been quite the run. 
Clear #1A new series from writer Scott Snyder and artist Francis Manapul. Dark Horse Comics.

Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).







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