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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 4-12-23.
Please note: All new comic releases can and will change release dates from time to time. Check with your local comic shop for the guarantee of arrival time. If ordering from eBay, check with the seller or post details.
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CLICK HERE –> First Appearance Comics

X-23 Deadly Regenesis #2 – A First Appearance alert. A new X-villain.  
The Ambassadors #2 – The hot new series from Mark Millar continues. With each new issue, It’s basically, “mostly”, first appearance issues. The lead character has to find 6 humans on earth to give superpowers to. So, if each issue the hunt finds another human, well then, it’s their first appearance. See how simple that is? If the search last more than one issue, well then you can figure it out from there.
Marvel Voices Spider-Verse #1 – Marvel hints at new “spider” characters emerging from this issue.  

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 – A new Guardians story from writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, artist Kev Walker.
Silver Surfer Ghost Light #3 – The hot new Marvel series presses on. Writer John Jennings and artist Valentine De Landro.
The Seasons Have Teeth #1 – Comic fans know, when Boom Studios releases a new horror-type comic, you best pay attention. Written by Dan Watters and drawn by Sebastian Cabrol.   
Predator #2 – InvestComics has informed our fans for quite some time now about Disney’s venture into the franchises they now own through their purchase of 20th Century Fox. Aliens, Planet Of The Apes, and Predator, among others. Disney (Marvel) recently began their first Planet Of The Apes comic books, thus their Planet Of the Apes movie franchise has essentially begun. Any new comic books release from Marvel is a venture into the Disney movie sector. The comics are literally, possibly, storyboards for a new movie release. Additionally, new franchise movies from Disney can borrow characters from Marvel comic books. Doing this would obviously create a speculative jump. So, we reiterate this thought process every time a new franchise comic from Marvel is released.
Batman Incorporated #7 The much anticipated Joker Inc. storyline begins here. If the Joker Inc. story and new team blow up, this will be the book to have. There is also a first-appearance variant cover of Dusty Bronco. Check out the cover featured in this article. 

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CLICK HERE –> First Appearance Comics

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #33 – The hot new Star Wars team, Inferno Squad, debuted last issue and grace their second cover. Possible “more” first appearances from the Star Wars Battlefront video game.
Captain America Cold War Alpha #1
– New Captain America cross-over event starts here. Writers Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Tochi Onyebuchi. With artist Carlos Magno. 
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Ewoks #1 – On a personal level, never been a fan of the Ewok from Star Wars. Annoying, not-so-cute creatures. The Jawa’s were much cuter with two lights as eyes and no face. Don’t @ us, just a fun opinion. So, what we do have here is Disney’s first foray into the Ewok characters. What will we learn about these things? Will we see more of them in comic book form after this? Will there be bad as* Ewoks introduced? New worlds, new villains, etc. await the readers and collectors of the “new”, Disney, Ewok world. Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Lee Garbett, Kyle Hotz, and Caspar Wijngaard.  
Carnage #12 – A new version of Carnage is introduced. Writer Alex Paknadel and artist Francesco Manna. 
The Giant Kokju #1 – This new, Rated “M” for mature Image Comics title, brings in the successful Deadpool creative team. Writer Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish. The premise of this comic you may ask? It’s about a monster with “needs”. Yep, a restroom and sexual desires are included. Should be a hoot! 
W0Rldtr33 #1 – New horror comic from writer James Tynion IV and artist Jordie Bellaire. Image Comics release. 
The Sandman Universe Nightmare Country The Glass House #1 – New Sandman story from writer James Tynion and artist Lisandro Estherren.

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