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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 5-17-23.
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Avengers #1 – We’re up to volume eight with this team. That’s eight number one/restarts for the Avengers title. The number one in the upper left or wherever becomes less and less significant as each volume arrives. But, to some, it doesn’t faze them and that’s cool too. We’d just like consistency in keeping with the numbers and not trying to make something special so many times. Writer Jed Mackay and artist C.F. Villa start things off this time around.  
Superman #4 – The first appearance of Kryptonite Claw. Will this actually be a Superman-like character with Wolverine claws or something completely different? What’s your guess? Either way, it’s a first appearance. 
Venom #19 – There seems to be a little buzz around this comic. There are secret covers not being shown and the tease we may have a new Venom. No idea really, but keep an eye on this one. 
Wonder Woman #799 – The big two are forever chasing their past glory. Case in point here, with this two-part story. We’re not saying great stories cannot be told in today’s modern era, but there is a consistent reaching into the past for “new ideas”. Back in 1986, Alan Moore wrote what many consider the greatest Superman story ever. It was called “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.” There have been countless attempts to meet that quality of storytelling within the “Whatever Happened” genre ever since 1986. While many were fantastic attempts, many were easily forgotten. Not to say it cannot happen again, but there is only one Miller/Dark Knight, Gaiman/Sandman, Starlin/Death of Captain Marvel, Moore/Watchmen, etc. for a reason. These writers, and some others, have defined the character or comic storytelling for the duration of life pertaining to the comic book medium. These stories are written “once” and the chase to grab that lightning again begins, and in most cases always falls short. Writers Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, who are amazing storytellers, will try their attempt at “Whatever Happened to the Warrior of Truth.” A story that’ll lead right into the 800th issue of Wonder Woman. It will probably be a ridiculously great story, but will it capture like the 1986 story did? Only time will time really, but until that time, we’re there for this story 100%. 
Spider-Man #7 – A second print cover with the hot new (cooled off) character, Spider-Kid.  
Titans #1 – A new Titans team book written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Nicola Scott. 
Cyborg #1 – The solo series no one really asked for, but we’ll take it anyway. Written by Morgan Hampton and drawn by Tom Raney.

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Batman The Brave And The Bold #1 – A bunch of superstar comic creators help usher in the four-part series here. Superstar artist Dan Mora makes his writing debut. With a steep $7.99 price tag, it’ll be a nice collector’s item for this reason alone. 
Predator #3 – The Disney franchise continues to add to its story. And as always, don’t forget their Aliens stories too.  
Star Trek Echoes #1 – A new story debuts new villains for Captain Kirk and his crew. Written by Marc Guggenheim and penciled by Oleg Chudakov.
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #3 – The Punisher 2099 from back in the day didn’t really win fans over all that much, but this week we’ll get Punisher 2099 Reborn! Okay. 
Disney Villains Maleficent #1 – Disney Villains Scar #1 was a big hit for Dynamite Entertainment, expect the same here. Written and drawn by Soo Lee. 
Arcade Kings #1 – New Image Comics miniseries written and drawn by Dylan Burnett. First appearance of video gamer Joe and everyone/everything else. 
Hulk Annual #1 – Marvel claims that the Hulk character will be taking a new direction this summer and this issue previews the change on the horizon. 

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Batman Superman World’s Finest #15 – The first appearance of Ultra-Morpho. Writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora are bringing the goods to this series. 
The Vigil #1 – Learn more about the Vigil. An origin story. 
Fantastic Four #7 – In not keeping up with the original numbering department, but actually keeping up with the original numbering, Marvel presents the 700th issue of Fantastic Four. A special giant-size issue with an absurd Scott Koblish connecting variant cover. My goodness, there are a lot of characters on there. 700 characters! Wow! But wait, there’s more! A random Rob Liefeld Deadpool cover! 
Danny Ketch Ghost Rider #1 – New Ghost Rider series from Howard Mackie (writer) and Daniel Picciotto (artist).
The Giant Kokju #2The off-the-wall, off-beat monster comic continues from Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish.  








Just like last week, we posted the covers of all of the Spider-Verse variants coming out. There are so many new characters busting out from that universe we have no idea if one of these covers is an actual first appearance cover. So, with that, here they are. Click on any of them to buy it if you think you see or know of a first appearance.

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